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My last lucid dream

Posted: 24 Apr 2017 05:16
by Rickjr22001
Hey my name is Ricardo. And I'm 26 now. My last lucid dream was around when I was 19.

Since I was young, I was able to lucid dream. I spent many years exploring, hindering the normal dream. I became cocky quickly.

There was this one dream character that looked like Voldemort from "Harry Potter". The first time I saw him. He was peaceful looking out in thought. To me, since he looked evil. I didn't hesitate to kill him. And I did. I usually kill with choking of the neck.

But for my last lucid dream.

It felt the longest ever. I turned at least a span of 50 years, and for some of those years, I was just watching my dream. But I'll cut to the chase. China and the US were at war, and both countries came to me for advice. Little did they know, I made them both blow up each other. I ended the world. There was nothing left except large vast areas of nothing.

I noticed something hovering quickly over the ground. The setting looked something like the Grand Canyon. It was the Voldemort character. I realized I turned into that guy when I get older.

I was hovering to the edge of the cliff and I fell off the edge of the cliff. The hovering craft that I was standing on suddenly sits itself up right in mid fall and stay still floating. Sunddely the walls open up. It's my headquarters. During all this time, I was not pleased at all about who I turned into. I didn't like it one bit. And it frightened me that I saw him before.

When you lucid dream. Yes you control yourself but it's not from POV. You still watch yourself.

From the point of view I was looking at, I was so furious, I forced a new batch of hands, I realized I was looking at myself while myself was still there. I took the opportunity and kill the "Voldemort" character again.

Suddenly the sides of the wall start to form. A scary face appears on the wall and start to say "you were not suppose to do that..." it kept talking, but I was too afraid to keep listening, and forced myself to wake up.

Ever since then. I have not been able to lucid dream. I was so afraid from that experience. And trying to think why. Or what can happen. And even how my future would look. I know these are all dreams, but lucid dreaming is completely different. It feels real.

Thank you for taking the time to read my passage

Re: My last lucid dream was similar I was around 20 or 21

Posted: 05 May 2017 05:42
by ProdigalDreamer
Like you lucid dreaming was something I did regularly and one thing I always wanted to do was share a dream with my best friend who actually got me into lucid dreaming although he was not as good at it as I was. Anyway in my last intended lucid dream I encountered a guide character in a beautiful forest that looked like my friend as he looked when he was a child. I told the character with intent that I wanted him to take me to "name" so we could share the same dream verbatim.

The character led me to the edge of the forest and there was a huge drop down to what looked like water but it was all very beautiful. There is actually a picture in the gallery that looks quite similar to what I was seeing (which I've attached) and once at the edge I could see what looked like tiny rowboats in the water I jumped and began falling but knowing I was dreaming began trying to fly, but couldn't. As I continued falling faster and faster I could see the boats and water coming more into focus I began to panic not knowing what would happen when I entered that water. I became scared and decided I'd try and wake up once I hit the water. The moment I entered I began trying to force wake which is always an unpleasant feeling.

While trying to wake I felt or sensed hands reaching in to grab me which really freaked me out and as I began to come awake I heard this angry voice yelling at me "IF YOU EVER TRY WAKING UP IN A DREAM AGAIN!!..." and that's when I began opening my eyes and as that was happening I saw hands and some of a forearm on my right arm and then I was fully awake.

I got on my knees and prayed to never have a lucid dream again. I was truly scared. Ha now almost twenty years later I feel I have to conquer that fear because my belief is that there are answers on that other side. Answers we can't get in this world or space.

P.s. I told my friend the next time I saw him (except the praying part) and he said "yeah -- maybe don't do that again" I don't know why I'm typing this part but, he's a paranoid schizophrenic now. Sorry I know that's a lot of deep stuff but I've been holding a lot in for a while and this seems like a good place to finally let it out. Hope I didn't freak you out too much :oops: but no you aren't the only one with that experience