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Posted: 20 Sep 2017 08:38
by honbasic
So first I was getting really tired and sleepy while watching a movie on my phone, then I lay my head on the pillow. I feel like I'm having a slight headache and at the corner of my eyes, I saw a tiger walking towards me, but I still can see my entire room and the door. Except at the corner of my eye there is like this small box where there is a tiger. At this time I still can see myself but I'm not sure where I am, (not yet first person, still in two person view) , I saw two baby leopards and a small dog their backs facing me, so I thought to myself what if I tried to touch them, then I felt abit of fear and the dream changed. I went into a small building and went into a room and lay down on the bed. then the ceiling disappeared and the room was shaking. I see the room that I am in is on a truck and a I saw a fat friend of mine too. then we both got thrown off the room from the truck. THen there was another dream but I forgot exactly what happened except that I saw another friend of mine.
NOW I STARTED LUCID DREAMING, I was always always very curious about what the dream world would look like. So I woke up lucid in the room I was sleeping in originally. I woke up(first person view) to see my room but sometimes the furniture and walls gets abit fuzzy. Next, I tried to get out of bed but my body was has a strange aching feeling. When I finally got off of bed i wanted to walk out of the room, as i walked out i suddenly flew up and had the feeling like when you are in a rollercoaster. I wanted the flying to stop and i tried to turn my head downwards hoping that might stop it, but it didn. But after all this i haven seen anyone(because i was still in the room) and now that i think about it, I'm kinda afraid to see what people would look like in my dreams. Next the thought of having sex with a beautiful girl came into mind and i tried to imagine one, then i can feel my heart rate pumping and i can feel my real body sleeping also having a heart rate pumping. Then i woke up!


Posted: 25 Sep 2017 13:10
by Sean Jacobs
Congrats on your 1st LD honbasic! Keep up your practicing and you will be able to gain better control in your lucid dreams. One thing that may help is to plan what you will do in your next LD, and think about it before you fall asleep each night.

Good luck.