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my first lucid dream! i barley remembered it though.

Posted: 01 Aug 2012 19:29
by Lucid Dreamer
Guess what!? i had my forst lucid dream last night! i dont remember anything except for when i realized that i was dreaming and how i got really excited then i remembered to calm down. i jumped off some stairs to try and fly, but it didnt work. i remember looking down the hall and there was a bunch of people wearing really colorful cloths. i mean the hall was flooded with people! then i yelled, "my dream! i control it!". a girl came up to me and said, what? i was like, i am dreaming. thats all i remember. i know for sure it was a lucid dream, but looking back on it i keep questioning myself and the dream seems so dreamlike and not real. when you remember lucid dreams, is it supossed to feel this way? maybe it is because i didnt remember all of it...

Also, when rebecca described her first lucid dream, it sounded like it was so clear and understandable. i am not sure how mine went. it seemed maybe blurry? just once again, looking abck on it, it seems such like a dream, not clear. you know? its hard to describe. once again, maybe because i didnt remember the whole thing?

Also, it seems familiar thinking back on my lucid dream. the excitement seemed very familiar, and then trying to do the impossible. in fact it seems very familiar. not the exact dream, but the emotions and actions associated with this dream. why? its almost spooky to me how familiar it is. i felt like i have had this before maybe? if i have, i don't remember it at all. had anyone else felt this feeling in their first lucid dream?

i appreciate any responses. thank you!

Re: my first lucid dream! i barley remembered it though.

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 12:46
by Auditore
I feel the same way about the feeling after that.Like I don't know if it was just a dream for sure.
I questioned myself too a couple of days after my first lucid dream.

Re: my first lucid dream! i barley remembered it though.

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 23:18
by Lucid Dreamer
does it still feel like that after your second and third? or any lucid dreams?

Re: my first lucid dream! i barley remembered it though.

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 04:50
by Shadow
Extremely vivid lucid dreams are something that you'll never forget. They can be truly amazing. Since It was your first one it could have been blurry and not lasted very long. As you get more experience you'll be able to increase dream clarity and have longer more clear lucid dreams. It also helps to work on your dream recall.

Re: my first lucid dream! i barley remembered it though.

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 19:22
by Lucid Dreamer
oh, thats good. i had my second one the night before last. once again, it was like the first one. in my forast dream i also remember saying tomyself, i am going to stay lucid forever. and, i dont know why it is hard for people to stay lucid. but then it was very short.

also, i have a question about the number of dreams you can have a night. i remember different sections. is this parts of 1 dream or different dreams? for instance, two nights ago i dreampt about 1, justin beiber, 2 me and my friends in a hot tub, 3, me being chased by monsters, 4, hop flying. are these all part of one dream or different dreams?

Also, in the part where i was being chased by monsters, i turned around and said, stop! what do you represent!? just like i am supossed to. the guy said, you are afraid of losing me. we will be friends forever. and that was it. then it showed us in a hgarage band with the two other monsters. i stayed friends with the main monster after the band, but the other two didnt. this does not make sense. can anyone explain this to me please?

thank you!