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Lucid or not

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 10:04
by Peter
Is this lucid or not or what does it take to act as an agent in the dream world and place the dream as a LD. I put this dream in the 1% less that a LD

I am in a cafe in a garage and a car arrives to get petrol. I look at it and it is a hot rod, painted bright green and I notice that the front wheels are from a tractor and it looks cool so I wander over and have a look. The engine bay is open and funny at the front and I look at this and ask why it is that shape and design. The driver says that the starter motor is embedded in the front of the alloy casing that I can see and this is a better idea than in a normal motor as it is easy to service. I think about this and he is correct. The car starts up and drives away.
I look back down the road and it has changed to a ski run and two people go past on skis, laughing and having fun. I think that is cool and jump onto the roadway which is now a frozen river. I look down and have white gumboots on and get into a crouch and start a very fast run down the slope, gather speed and just get round a sharp corner. I feel the speed, cold air and move around and just enjoy the feeling. Near the end it widens up and I do a big slide and come to a halt while laughing at the sheer fun of it.

So how close to lucid is this, I am aware of other characters, my actions, feeling the speed, cold and taking action as an agent. I have conversations and understand technical issues from outside the dreamscape. I can think that the car has wheels like a tractor and that the starter motor is in a better place. This is taking thought from waking reality to the dream world

Most nights I have between 2 and 5 of these sorts of dreams .

Lucid or not lucid


Re: Lucid or not

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 22:22
by StarFox
Well I'm not exactly sure and I'm not too experienced but I don't think it is lucid because you never had that aha moment where you realized you were dreaming and said to yourself wow I'm dreaming.

Re: Lucid or not

Posted: 25 Jun 2011 03:23
by Peter
This might prove interesting as I agree but keen to hear from others. The "aha" moment is one way to realise your are in a LD but a LD can occur spontaneously just like waking up and being in normal reality so that’s not a condition of being lucid. I was aware of outside (normal reality thoughts) and that is important as you are linked to two states by thought.
The interesting point is that when you wake up for real you don’t need to have an "aha" moment to know you are there and the behaviours that you associate are part of your normal awareness.
So if I am in a dream, have awareness of normal waking via thoughts and say can fly at will without needing to go "aha" are I lucid or if not how close.

I have had a lifetime of LD so casting out with this to see what we all think not looking to water down what a LD is and claim to be there