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I flew to another planet

Posted: 13 Apr 2018 19:56
by mjcaboose
So I finally got a lucid dream. Didn't have one for a while. I think I woke up and forced myself to continue the dream I was seeing and felt asleep. That's when I got lucid. So I was pretty continuous and first decided to try a few things. I look myself in a mirror and it wasn't me. It was my high school classmate who has the same name. I haven't seen him for more then 10 years. Next I tried pushing my finger through my palm. Didn't go through. But I was still lucid. I than decided to fly while driving a motorcycle. It worked. Then I took to of my cousins and it was too heavy. I could fly only with one of them. Still was heavy. Later I decided to fly to another planet while I am lucid. Well, I traveled through the universe to a planet similar to ours ( I was thinking a few days ago that if I get lucid I should try to fly to anothet planet). There I found a civilization where a few individuals where ruling others . I don't remember all the details but I liberated their people by overthrowing their government . I also saw myself in a mirror this time by accident and surprise surprise it was me.

Re: I flew to another planet

Posted: 17 Apr 2018 23:28
by LDer Charles
WOW That's so cool. It sounds like a really prolonged LD, too. What was it like to fly through the universe? Do you remember what you saw as you went along?