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First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 20:34
by Jah Soldier
Hi everyone

Having read around the site and forum over the last couple of weeks I decided to get involved. To give a brief intro, I'm 22 and although I have been aware of lucid dreaming for a few years I have only been training (keeping a dream journal, performing reality checks, intending to lucid dream) for just over a month. I have always been fascinated by sleep and psychology in general and consider life to be an exploration of consciousness - I believe introspection in various forms including meditation, psychedelics and dreaming can greatly benefit our lives individually and collectively. I have had a handful or so brief experiences of lucidity in my lifetime plus two sustained, at least as I would consider, lucid dreams in my first month of training (which I think is a good start). So anyway I thought I would describe a little of these two experiences, what I found interesting about them and ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar...

My first sustained lucid dream was triggered by a phonecall in-dream which didn't make any sense - I paused on the phone, checked my hands and found I had many extra fingers. Having lost lucidity/woken up during previous experiences by becoming too excited, I followed advice I had read to ground myself in the dream by touching objects around me, repeating reality checks including hands, mirrors and reading-rereading (car registration plates) and also opting to keep the dream 'down to earth' - not trying anything too extravagant too soon. I enjoyed eating chips, trashing a clothes store and a little flying (close to the ground). The scene changed a few times without my control and I had a couple of false awakenings into the bed I was actually sleeping in but happily I was able to maintain my awareness that it was a dream.

Eventually I found myself outside the front door of my house where it was night time and there was a party going on in the street full of teenage guys. What I found most interesting was the conversations I had with dream characters. For some reason (knowing I was dreaming, but not really deciding to say it) I shouted to one young guy "What day is this?" What's funny is that this is just what Scrooge shouts to the boy he sees when he returns from his dreamlike journey in Dickens' A Christmas Carol and I have no idea why I thought of it - and what followed. "It's alldays!" said the boy. "Ah" I said, "so does that mean we're allwhere?" (this was also a surprising use of language to me and an interesting description of the dream-space in my opinion). The boy agreed and laughed - all in a very friendly way.

I decided I wanted to go to a cool secluded football pitch me and my friend recently found in a scenic part of the town we live (we had discussed this as a potential meeting place for a shared lucid dream, if such a thing is possible) but I didn't want to risk 'creating' the scene myself in case I woke up - so I spoke to one of the guys at the street party and told him that I was lucid dreaming, my situation, and if asked if he would help me get there. He was also very friendly and said he would help - we even agreed for his mates to come too so we could have a game of football which I thought would be a fun thing to do in a dream. Unfortunately I woke up soon afterwards, but was quite satisfied with my first sustained lucid dream which seemed to last around twenty minutes in all...

In my second sustained lucid dream I was in a shopping centre which I know in waking life. I tried to fly but couldn't do so very well, however I saw a man selling kids' helium balloons so in classic cartoon style I grabbed a bunch from him and started using them to float around with. Again I found this to be a funny thing for me to think of - clearly I was lacking some confidence/imagination to fly on my own, but was sure that helium balloons would do the job even though they wouldn't in waking life :)

In the same dream I also came across a large man who was trying to intimidate me, calling me "Richard Dawkins" (famous for his strong atheist beliefs). I used to be a hardline atheist like Dawkins but have in the last year developed more of a pantheistic perspective (the universe in a sense is conscious and we alongside everything else are a part of the whole, which is often referred to as 'God') so I have interpreted this since as a challenge to my 'faith' in the dreamworld and my abilities in it e.g. flying. Either way, I knew it was a dream and the large man was an aspect of myself, so I just stared him in the eye and smiled and he smiled too and left me alone :) Later in the dream I was able to fly a little better by holding the hand of a female dream character whose contact helped me stay lucid for a while before I woke up.

So what I have learnt so far is that mastering lucid dreaming is an ongoing process which requires gradually increasing confidence (of course some pick it up faster than others) and that personally I find interaction with dream characters very useful. As with all aspects of dreaming, dream characters often behave according to our expectations - if we are scared, they will be scary, if we meet them in the eye they will do no harm, and if we believe them to be helpful they can be very helpful. Also I have found myself to think of things to say and do in dreams which I find very surprising and amusing if not spectacular. I think it has been a rewarding start and I have set myself the target to become proficient in dream-flying in the next month, before moving on to more creative and transcendental adventures :)

So my questions are, in what ways have other people found dream characters to be helpful or otherwise in terms of keeping lucidity, going to places or learning abilities and in what ways has your dream imagination surprised you with things you've said and done?

Apologies for the long post, but seeing as it's my first I thought I'd include as much as possible.

Thanks for any comments.

Re: First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 20:41
by Jah Soldier
Oh and I forgot to mention my second lucid dream was also triggered by a dream representation of an old friend who simply said "This isn't real." Very helpful :)

Re: First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 16 Aug 2012 18:08
by ronalds141
I haven't had a dream/LD yet. (i have made a topic of it, please read it if You can )

but i have a question. How did you became lucid? Just went to sleep, had a dream and your friend said that this isn't real and you did Reality check?

you've tried WILD? Please answer :)

Btw Link to my post -

Re: First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 22 Aug 2012 07:00
by MagMeyer

i particularly liked the part about using helium balloons to "assist" yourself. that is one of the ways i can always tell i'm dreaming ... when an innovative albeit unconventional method of solving a problem presents itself like yours did.

But of course balloons will help you fly! look forward to yet another of your well written blogs.

warm regards,

Re: First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 22 Aug 2012 20:59
by Jah Soldier
Ronald, to be specific I was in a building at my university and saw one of my friends sat on a bench. I went over to say hi but he had disappeared. Then my other friend was next to me and said "this isn't real." In my handful or so lucid experiences so far I tend to become lucid quite suddenly, not necessarily with any specific cause - however I have used reality checks in-dream once lucid to help maintain lucidity. This was the only instance where a dream character helped me to become lucid so obviously.

Glad you enjoyed my post Mag! Do you have any examples of inventive ways you've solved problems in dreams?

Both, I've replied to your posts elsewhere and posted another lucid dream I had recently.

Thanks for your comments. Happy dreaming.

Re: First lucid dreams, dream characters and imagination

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 05:46
by XxXSleepingXxX
Hey, heres some tips for you!
- If your worried about awaking by creating worlds, that Bullsitting! When you awake immeadiatly close your eyes, cause you are still sleep. Thats why you cant see the first 5 seconds of sleep.
- If you find a Annoying character, It may be your subconsious or its probably a random character if your creative like me. Just banish it. When your lucid, your god in your world! But if your like me, you will be a superhero because I only be god, if I fall asleep early