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2018.06.17, 09.15.

[This is a fresh dream, I took time writing the first part of it and posting it here before getting up of bed.
The next part will follow.]

It was a long day of the holiday. I think I remember remembering doing some socialising previously in the day. Now it is time for the evening prayer to close the day's activities, and go back home, to bed, peacefully, to resume my readings and watchings.

I ran into two old friends, [friends I have not met or talked to in years]. They approached me like if we were last met yesterday, just like the old days, and suggested to go somewhere together, the three of us.

[I don't remember what our where did we go, or how long have we spent there, except that the night was still young. And also that the place was in a small village next to ours.]

[I don't, also, remember how did we get there, or what we did, ] but now we're going back heading home.
We were walking along a high metal fence that contains a garden that circles a building.
Next to that fence I saw a few precious canes laying on the ground. The kind that is carefully and artistically crafted for the purposes; for an old man to lean on, for a middle age man with some power or social position to show his prestige, and for a young strong man to show strength and use as a weapon in a melee fight.

I took a look at them and examined them a little, while asking myself aloud if these beauties have got an owner, is it allowed for us to claim them? And then decided they probably belong to some folks attending a party in the place next to where they were left, and I walked on.
A second later I heard a friend of my companions asking a man, who I think was a guard, about these canes. The man said that their owners abandoned them because the licenses were expired,and we're free to take any of them if we want.
Such kind of weapons require a license to be held in public, I understood. [That was the reality of that dream, while in real reality they don't, but fire weapons and knives designated as weapons do require licenses and carrying them in public is punishable by law, if the police got your red handed.]

My friend ran up after me and presented two of the canes, and gave me one of them he chose for me. I happily inspected it from up close, turned it around, and touched the small abstract art carved around the top part of its one and half metre length, before doubting that my friend had chosen for me a less beautiful one than for himself.
I asked him to show me his, acting as if it is not a worrisome matter. He showed it to me. It was in the same general style as mine, both golden coloured with little touches of black, pharaonic themed style in a modern arabesque way, but his was probably a little bit thicker, and the carvings were a little more square shaped. I didn't then remember seeing two of this style when I inspected the few canes just a minute earlier, so he must have not taken them randomly.

I complimented his taste, and decided that I would prefer the one he gave me. And we resumed walking back towards our hometown.

[Now the nice part of the dream is over, for the next part is not calm and pleasant as the first part.]


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