Re-entry technique

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Re-entry technique

Postby johnpaul » 02 Jul 2018 22:42

Hi, I have had some limited success with re-entering a dream which I just woke of from while NOT lucid, and going right back in to the exact same scene LUCID. I've found I have to return immediately (not take a potty break etc.) to do this, but it seems to give me short spaces of time (usually 10-15 seconds in "normal time" as perceived) when I am engaged in the same scenario I just came out of but fully lucid whereas before I was not.

As an example, last night (July 1), during a normal non-lucid dream, I was in a dormitory of some kind sitting on the floor alongside a low bed like a cot talking to a woman whom I did not know. Her features were not recognizable. At that point I woke, realized I had just come out of the dream, but had a very clear image of it, so I willed myself back to sleep with the intention to return to that same scene in a lucid state. It seems to have worked.

The lucid dream was very short and I did not try any "acrobatics" like flying. I just continued a conversation with apparently the same dream-figure and the dream ended. I was aware it was a dream. There was no "erotic" element. The woman was nice looking but not a "knockout". She was in some kind of white smock like a hospital gown. I don't remember what brought me to that point.

I've had several similar instances. If I get up to go to the bathroom, or for any reason get out of bed, the dream is lost and very quickly evaporates from memory. On the contrary, the "lucid re-entry" dreams abide in memory very vividly.

Does anybody have some experience or advice to share about this?

I have had a few "normal" lucid dreams where I became aware of my dreaming while in the dream, without waking, but not many If this is a "doorway" to lucidity for me, compared to more gifted lucid dreamers, I'm inclined to build on it. At least I'm getting "to first base", though not a "home run" by any stretch.


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