Confusing Lucid Nightmare

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Confusing Lucid Nightmare

Postby alliebonita11 » 06 Jul 2018 19:24

Hello. I have been reading a lot all day on lucid dreaming as I'm not too aware of it, have maybe experienced it twice in life and I'm 27. The dream did not seem like a dream not at all, althought I know how that goes. I was sleeping with my boyfriend of 4 months in bed at about midnight, I awoke groggy at 2 am not knowing why. My boyfriend and I slept in the long divider couch in living room since its so hot, but he was on other side. It was pitch black, but I could see the outline of a shape sitting between us. We never have visitors. I thought it may be him, but decided it was his sister since she has a key and maybe wanted to late night crash here on the couch. I knew her so when she said ''Hey, I'm here." I knew it was her so I was at ease. I even felt her leg up against me. She turned to her brother/my bf, (this late when he wakes up at 3:30am) and was talking to him. First picking on me, then full out saying some of the meanest most harsh things of myself. Some were worst fears I was self concious about, but some were worse thoughts that my mind could even conjure up as a human. He started to get upset and she consoled him, whilst laughing and smirking at me asking me how bothered I was he was in her arms and not mine. Soon after, (i was crying under covers - I was not aware this was a dream) she left I thought and i gripped my boyfriends arm crying hysterically if she had gone. I know her, and we are nice to each other, her and I normally. He said ''WHAT? im trying to sleep!!'' As i'm crying hysterically. I said ''Is she gone??'' frantically. He had not once clue what I was saying. I said ''You're sister was just here! she just went downstairs but is she coming back please dont let her take me,'' with probably the most frantic voice and eyes I have ever had in my life. The weird part I noticed after was that as soon as the presence walked out of my room, mid-sentence I was starting to piece things together and start crying cause how confused I was. The annomoscity in her voice, the agression, taunting, the pure cackle I heard won't leave me. I feel darkness around me and I'm not sure how this happened. Someone please tell me what this means. Was it a horrible bad dream or is there more =(

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