First Lucid Dream Breakthrough In My Lifetime

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First Lucid Dream Breakthrough In My Lifetime

Postby samtheman57 » 11 Jul 2018 07:28

After many lucid dreaming experiences that only lasted briefly (as I would get excited and wake up pretty much immediately on becoming conscious that I was dreaming) I had my first breakthrough. I wasn't really trying, or, maybe I have been subconsciously.

I wrote it down to the best of my recollection.

The weird part is that after many hours of sleep over the past few weeks, I still feel physically exhausted.

After this lucid dream, which occurred after two hours of sleep, I feel amazing, : Clear headed, calm, rested, and all the fears of the everyday conscious world subsiding.

From my journal:

I had my first breakthrough in a lucid dream.

It was a breakthrough in the sense that in all my other lucid dreams in my lifetime, as soon as became "conscious within the dream" I would wake up.

I wasn't even trying to "achieve a breakthrough" or lucid dream before I went to sleep.

The experience was as follows:

I woke up walking towards a portico, or balcony, looking over a courtyard. I walked to the railing to look over, holding the railing triggered a completely awakened state within the dream.

I was completely aware I had some "time" to experiment and prove to myself I was dreaming.

I held the railing and said to myself "Wait, I think this is not real, so I can put my hand and arm through this solid object."

Then" Just breathe and try not to get excited."

Slowly, and with minor effort, I put my hand and arm through what "felt" like a wood rail and a 4x4 supporting post. I repeatedly put my arm and hand through the objects until I was satisfied.

I then realized I had more time and again, fully conscious I was dreaming.

So I found myself in the courtyard and willed myself to fly, and sure enough my "body" rose slowly through the air until I was able to see the most beautiful aerial view of a lovely coastal area near some mountains, the sky was an unreal blue, almost fluorescent.

So I will myself slowly to start moving or "flying" towards the body of water, and then thought "better use this opportunity to will myself to a location, that's how you travel here, through pulling the place you desire to be towards you."

I got the impression I had learned that through a book I read while conscious, or another "lucid dream lesson".

Sure enough, fully conscious that I was dreaming, I see a beautiful two story white home with another balcony, and my "mental flight instruction" slows me down, and eases me to a soft "landing" on the balcony.

Then I wake up and feel like I have slept for eight hours, no grogginess, and I write it out to remember.

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Re: First Lucid Dream Breakthrough In My Lifetime

Postby Petal » 11 Jul 2018 12:39

Great, that sounds like the perfect lucid dream. May you have many more. Often I find the best lucid dreams happen after I gone though of a few days and night of trying hard, then slackening my practice and slightly giving up.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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