Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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I'm 13 years old btw. Oh yes baby, but I'm a Lil bit more advanced, than others in my age.
I'm from germany and English is not my main language, actually I'm originally from morocco.
So I apologize for any cancer grammar.

So today I had my first luicid dream, I think omg...
I always tried hard but this time I didn"t.
I even watched a sleep paralysis video before I went to sleep.
And we have holidays right now, which are almost over in Germany. So I was like. Hmmm. I thought maybe I could get into a lucid dream in my holidays.
Well, I didn't until the night...

I don't know where I was. I was in my room pink vision, and I think I was actually fighting against sleep paralysis.

So I first was in a hospital like appartment: I ran down the room, it was a big hospital.
Then a woman came across my way and said; hello chef.

I said: Hello chef :)
She laughed. I told her she gets more money this month lol.

Then I turned right. I swear I didn't know where I'm going. I was just in da shit and a rich man.
Suddenly I saw my mother and kissed her on the necklace, it was all very detailed, and told her how much I loved her.
At this point the positive part in the hospital ended.

Then it started with the sleep paralysis I think. I fought me up, and I couldn't scream and breath right. But I was always pulled back into the lucid dream I don't remember right
Then I wanted out of the dream, because I was scared as fuck.
And finally I could move guys, but no I wasn't at home lol.
I was in a scary room in the hospital.
It was night and all quiet and scary , and I instinctly ran to my mother's room, because I was scared lol.
But When I reached her room I was suddenly pulled back into another dream.
I was at home and went downstairs.

Then I met my girlfriend and sister sitting in the kitchen and talking. And I somehow ignored my girlfriend the whole time until the end we ate together and had a kind of date lol?.

Well then I went to our other kitchen and I saw my whole family, cousins and so sitting there and talking together, and they offered me to sit there too.
So at this point I never asked If I was dreaming. I just went all In, and I wasn" even thinking of reality checks until after this dream:
I was at a party with my brothers.
And my brother was with a very beautiful girl together and he was styled and sat right in front of me at the left at a table.
My other brother was the same but next to their table with his gf.
They were all so sexy the gfs. But I wasn't thinking of smashing them lmfao.

I was at a table with a cousin
I told him a joke and I was laughing.
And he looked at me like: What? Wtf lol.
Behind us was a girl and somehow looked me into the eyes and was very impressed by me.

That's where this dream ended too.
So now I was actually in my room. And my sister is in the hospital right now having an operation, but she was also there.

I recently scrambled my room new up in real life.
And it also looked like it, but things were on another place and so Idk I was dreaming.

So now comes the fun part.
I stood up.
And I was like wtf that's not my room.
And why is my sister there?
So I was actually trying to jump and I was floatIng and I was like. Oh yea boi.
I actually went to the window and wanted to jump out to fly.
My sister turned around and asked what I am doing.
She is 8.
I said. Nothing and talked with her.
I told her I tried to fly.
And then she said show me.
And I was like: No I'm too scared.

I was somehow terrified of the sleep paralysis fact that I was recognizing so I thought in my head that I'm maybe still connected to the real world and I could fall.

That's where this dream ended.
So next one

Im a hiphop dancer in real life and my big brother is my teacher.
So I was there with 4 people on the hiphop class and we were at the sea chillin.

SO now the one told me: So that is where your brother always trains with them (All on german)
I also said: Hmm I don't know this place is so unknown.
Suddenly another friend of me came and said
Guys I know where the right place is to train and the dream ended there tho.

Next dream:

I was playing soccer in my team against the other half of our team.
I recently stopped with soccer, because I lost the motivation.

So I had the ball and wanted to.pass the ball through a enemy of our team.
He was very strong and he goes to the gym in real life and looks dangerous as f*ck.
I could've beaten him up but nah.

Suddenly he said: What you doing man and pushed me away.

I was like : Wtf is wrong with him.

Then I woke up next to the goal.
My friend was telling me: Don't do that man
I said: Should I gift him the ball next time or what? Wtf?
He said: Just don't do it.
I said: Nah, I somehow have to get through his defense somehow also.
That's not the point of soccer.

This dream ended too.

Now I was thrown back into the dream where I wanted to fly, but I wouldn't want to.
So now it got crazy.
I saw my father through the window and was very happy.
And it was snowing and yeah. Beautiful.
So he somehow looked like the black standard skin in Fortnite (I'm white) and somehow like my father.
I variated between his real look and the fortnite look.
I went out to the garden and saw my mother.
They looked actually like fortnite character's and climbed up on a wall and danced the orange justice dance of fortnite together at the same time.
And told me: Look we got a new defender for our house.
And It was a octopus with a gun.
Like a defense tower he stood there and defensed us lol.
I climbed up too and danced with THEM, because why not.
And then something sad happened:
I saw the robot face of my mother and It was zoomed in, suddenly her necklace fell which I kissed on the other dream.

Then It ended and I was back into my room watching some youtube video where and youtube opened fan post and was very excited and shouted wo wow owwowwoow.
That I think threw me out of the dream and my lucid dream ended there.

So: Omg it took so long to write.
Now more information:
1. My mother is 40 years old, and she was older in the dream and somehow needed something to hold on to walk.

2. As I woke up I was very happy and relaxed,but still I wondered how I came in.
That's where the sleep paralysis part came me in the head.
And I recognized not breathing right and so. And then monsters. Very terrifying.
I think I managed to somehow do WILD. But I can't remember.

3. I told you I was trying to jump in my room, and somehow I managed to float down slowly.
After I woke up from this dream in real life, I actually had pain in my feet like I stretched them. Ir was a very good feeling.
But I was also scared, that I could've seriously jumped out of the window and died.
Or was it because my sleep paralysis actually wouldn"t wanna let me move and I fought to hard back.

4. How was my first lucid dream, and was it even lucid?

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