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Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 25 Feb 2012 17:07

Intrepid wrote:
karen659 wrote:
Intrepid wrote:Do you think it's possible that you're having very vivid, lucid dreams with a recurring theme of being out-of-body? The small inconsistencies and changes to your surroundings seem to be hinting at that somewhat. Also, your mind, one would assume, knows its in "two places at once" if you're aware of or believe to be out-of-body. Having said that, my point is that I don't understand why your face would need to be blurred out or obscured. I've found that in reading OOB accounts, they have very similar themes to lucid dreams, and, for the most part, one could argue that there isn't a way to prove that theyre not. Just curious here, as I don't have much OOB personal experience. =) thanks for any feedback!

Unfortunately, I've gotta say that I don't understand your response. You've definitely labeled your posts, despite you saying that you dont like to label your experiences. I also fail to understand how analyzing your experiences can cause you to miss something about them. You've done a great job of recording and posting them, so what would make you shy away from mulling over them once the details are solidified and written down? Attempting to differentiate between what is real and what isn't is, at least I think, a great learning process. Giving "definition" to our experiences helps us to understand them, right?

I'm sorry if I'm unclear, and maybe it's because trying to give such esoteric experiences a 'label' (as in a specific definition whether LD or OBE) is a very personal one and not easily done.

I've tried very hard NOT to say this was an OBE, or this was a LD, but sometimes in order to describe how the experience 'feels', I have to say what 'depth' it felt like. That might be why I 'label' some 'higher' level, or 'closer to physical' or such. IMO, there is no 'standard' definition that will fit every individual, as it will change according to their level of development and understanding.

I DO mull over them after writing them down, and by sharing I have received even MORE information as to what they may mean (especially like this last one! :D ). However, I don't get into analyzing WHAT I did or HOW I did it or WHY it was experienced that way....that's the labeling I'm talking about. The analyzing that's important to me is the various 'feelings' and 'knowing' I get with regard to learning after writing it up, reviewing it, and sharing it with others.

That sense of 'realness' is undeniable when one is within the experience, and I only write up those that seem to have some sort of lesson or learning for me. THAT means it's 'real' for me, enough to share. Many times I have 'regular dreams' that I don't post (but do write down) because, IMO, EVERY bit of information we receive, whether awake or dreaming, has potential learning.

I don't know if this cleared anything up, or just made it worse! Thanks for posting... -K
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 03 Mar 2012 18:10

March 1, 2012

My first recollection for this experience was the fact that there were two people holding my hands, one on each side of the bed I was lying in, trying to get my attention. This brought me to full ‘awareness’ in realizing that I was likely transitioning into the astral vibration.

I saw a man and a woman, both appeared Hispanic, with the woman on my left, and the male on my right. I asked, ‘who’s there?’ to the woman told me her name (Gabrique? Gabrie…?) We started to talk, and the conversation was polite and friendly at first, and I recall asking them where they met (as I could tell they were together as a couple), and they told me all about how they met in a pizza shop, with him as the pizza maker.

During the conversation at one point (which I totally forgot any further details), the woman leaned down to whisper in my left ear something about being fearful and/or anxious with the male. I because aware of an uneasy tension that developed in the room and the atmosphere changed dramatically.

Now the male seemed to become angry, and bent down to talk in my right ear, telling me ‘negative’ things about her. I was taken aback at the change of energy into angry emotions and I knew I had to diffuse the situation quickly.

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember that initially I felt I did NOT do the right thing and realized the futility of it. I found myself yelling back at them, getting caught up in their emotional energy and sending my OWN emotions back at them (this is hard to describe as I felt I was actually showing/doing/feeling these emotions more than speaking them).

I realized this was not working, and so knew I had to ‘send love’ and tell them how much they WERE loved, that they are loving beings and a good person despite what they had been through in life. I felt they needed to know that they were loved…so I said, “I love you”…”you are loved”….”you are good people’….

This seemed to change their ‘energy’ immediately, and they became very light and happy again, happy and content with each other. They were able to work out their issues immediately and I even told them, “I bet you’ll be able to find other people now!”, meaning there would be other family and friends now available to meet. They both were so excited to think they’d be able to do that! I asked the male again what his name was and I think he responded, “Henry” or “Enrique”? I could still feel their joy they moved hand in hand out of the room, light, happy and joyous!

The scene changed, I got the words “Jean Hutchinson” and the fact that her husband is ‘here’ now, having crossed over and was happy, and that they too had met in a pizza shop…or that they worked there…. ??

Then while still ‘in my bed’, I saw my father walk into the room, and immediately became very concerned, thinking, “what are you doing here? oh no! please tell me I’m fully awake and that you haven’t crossed over!” (MY dad is still alive but not doing as well as he used to, so maybe this was a concern of mine manifesting?) My dad tells me that he was driving the lawnmower (as he does in real life here) and crossed the driveway and ran into something that caused an explosion that caused him to cross over!

I then see my brother enter the room as well, carrying a baby carrier with an infant, and he says,” yeah, and I was there too” meaning he was caught up in the explosion and crossed over as well. I was rather upset, concerned this was ‘real’, so I said “no, I’m awake, this is not real….I must be awake and not talking to spirits”….which of course I really wasn’t awake.

I realized now that I had to write up the first experience quickly so I didn’t forget. I didn’t remember my recorder as I usually do, but scrambled to find some paper to write on. Then I had to find a pen, which didn’t work, and finally just grabbed some paper out of a nearby computer to write it on.

It was at that point I heard an alarm go off, waking me to full wakefulness and realizing that I had not written anything, and that the memories of everything that just happened were fading fast!

I’m not sure what all this means, but I writing it anyway…if anyone gets any insight from it, I’d be happy to hear! It’s interesting that I now it seems the spirits are coming to me, and this time even ‘waking’ me to help them! It seems I haven’t been able to get out of my bedroom for some astral traveling for a few experiences now!!
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 22 Mar 2012 19:43

2012_03_18 171) Party Time! Meeting Many; Being a Writer

I had a series of dream like memories prior to getting out of body which I will mention here just in case someone has some clue if it fits. I was riding in a child’s wagon that was being pulled by a small motorcycle, but really appeared to be a glorified child’s motorized bike.

A family member (whom I have had to do a lot of forgiveness to in my life to overcome some major blockages) was driving the cycle, however, I was concerned for two reasons. We were driving down a major highway near me, and his abilities to function were declining (I felt he was slurring his words and such).

So I took over the controls and was still a bit apprehensive about driving this very small motorbike down a major highway! I am wondering if this can even make it, not knowing where I am driving to nor how to get there!

At one point when I was stopped to eat something, I talked to a man who appeared and told him of my concern that this small bike was not going to make it to the destination on such a major highway. He told me to not worry, that it had ‘a lot of power’ to it and would do just fine!

Now, my next thoughts were that I was ready to roll out of body! It was an easy exit, but upon standing by the bed, I felt a bit disoriented and need to put myself right side up! Vision was dim, and I was able to improve it by affirming ‘vision now!’ (I see I change the wording of these affirmations without really knowing why!)

As I left my bedroom and turned the corner, I was startled when a group of three women and a few young people started talking to me, saying ‘hey, look who’s here!’ with such exuberance and joy that I had to take a moment to compose myself, wondering just who are these people and what are they doing in my house!?!? Lol

I was immediately caught up in their happiness in seeing me, and knowing I was out of body, wanted to get their names so I could remember them upon waking! Each gave me their names, and I tried desperately to ‘imprint’ it, but the only name I remember is ‘Charlotte Daly’ (Daily?) The rest of the names were lost with the huge amount of information that was being taken in as they told me all about themselves.

In the background I could see another woman, a quiet one as I felt she didn’t speak English well. She had shorter, curly, light colored hair and I was told, ‘She’s with (my daughter-in-law’s name). (I will have to speak with my son’s wife to see if she knows of her)

Looking around, I realized I was within a huge room, full of young people of all types and it felt to be as if a party was going on! Everyone so happy and talkative and I was gathering so much information to remember, I just couldn’t imprint it all!

At one point, I remember a group of young people asking, ‘What is the name of this place?’ and can remember thinking to myself the word ‘Afterlife’. A few of them told me what name they felt it to be but my answer to them was something to the effect that ‘Why does it have to have a name for it?’ explaining that there are SO many names for this place, yet it really didn’t matter what you called it. What was important was that everyone was having such a grand time there!

Another woman at the party wore a dressing on her neck, and it reminded me of a dressing we’d use for a tracheostomy. I thought perhaps she had had one prior to passing for a long time and that’s why it was still necessary as part of her look.

In another part of the room, I was now sitting on the couch having a ton of fun and laughs, and all at once a young boy falls into my lap, not moving!! It’s like he ‘flops down dead’, as if trying to ‘freak me out’ and it doesn’t work as I just laugh with the rest of them saying, “Ooops, looks like we have another dead one!” (Gosh, I do hope no one takes offense to this but it’s what happened!)

Another part of the party I was speaking to a woman and asked her, “Why are all the people here so young?” as I had the sense they were all under age 40 and some much younger. She said something like, “Well, we didn’t want to scare you with how we really appeared” and I immediately understood and said, ‘oh yes! Of course! You take on the best appearance for all concerned!” and with that, she glowed with pleasure claiming to everyone, “Ooo, we have a smart one here! She has her stuff all together!” and walked off to tell others about me.

Now, the most interesting part of this experience is when I was speaking with this woman who asked to see my hand. Looking at my palm, she said, ‘let me see if you are a healer’ and said there is ‘some’ there, but then she took my first finger (right hand), put the nailbed directly against her eye and proclaimed excitedly, “Oooooh! You’re a writer!!!”

I was thrilled to hear this, and thanked her, explaining this was such a validation I needed to hear. Another woman comes running up and asks, “Show me how you did that! I want to see!” and the first woman explains something about having to look at the tagus (?) tangus (?) part of the finger, and putting it directly up to your eye to see!

The first woman explained it’s better to be a writer for me, at least I didn’t have to ‘bend’ or ‘bend over’ (?) being a healer…..

So, that’s what I have for this experience….the entire feel for this one was of fun, laughter, and learning! I think I’ll just have to invite more people more often into my life!
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 15 Apr 2012 22:24

I've been a bit delinquent in keeping up with my posts, so to catch up I'll be posting two at once! Thanks for reading! -Karen

2012_04_01 172) Sending Love; Flexing Door; Flying Again

My first recollection of ‘awareness’ started with a surprised sensation of a hand firmly gripped on my right shoulder as I lay in bed. Bringing myself to full awareness, I realized someone or something was firmly attached to my back and holding onto my shoulder.

I remembered I had had this feeling once before, as it was accompanied as before with a sense of ‘concern’ and slight negativity. Knowing not to show fear, I attempted to twist to see who or what it was, and then finally having to swing it around so it was now in front of me.

What I saw was a man, a more ‘solid’ or heavier outline of a man standing off to my right. I did not get ‘good’ feelings from him, and I know I spoke with him, but the overwhelming feeling was that I needed to ‘send love’ to ‘let go’ of him.

I affirmed without fear, “I send you love!” and he disappeared!

My next awareness was again lying in bed in FULL vibrations! I’m excited to think I’ll be getting out, so I attempt to roll without trying to wait for more to happen! I find it difficult this time, and it’s like pulling taffy to get my body out. Finally, with only my head hanging off the bed, I remember that Jo used to described herself as ‘slithering’ out of bed to the floor sometimes in order to exit, so that’s just what I did!

Now I’m fully out and affirm, ‘to the door’! Now heading down the stairs, my vision is dim, so I remember affirming ‘Vision now!’ a few times. Once in the living room, I notice it looks nearly the same as real life, however, as usual in the astral, I also remembered there are always a few things different.

I saw a cute little white kitten off to one side, and felt I should to investigate, however, I also saw the front door which reminded me I so wanted to get outdoors again!

Disregarding the pull to the kitten, I move to the front door, and stop to think, ‘it’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to really sense the change in texture as I pass through’ that I wanted to just revel in the fact that I could put my hands through the front door.

When I did, I was ‘shocked’ in every sense of the word! I ‘felt’ an uncomfortable sensation as if being shocked, and remarked to myself that this was quite unusual!!! However, undaunted, and fully aware that I could not really be hurt, I insisted now I was going to get outdoors!

I push through the door, finding it ‘heavy’ and thick, flexing and bowing out as I pushed. It was as if I was not supposed to leave, but my determination was such that with an emotional ‘to the outdoors!’ I found myself on the front stoop.

I take off flying once again, to the top of the pine trees near me and put out my hand to feel the needles. It was here that I somehow transitioned to another place, not really sure how I got there.

I’m standing next to two men with desks, with a feeling this is their ‘place of work’. I’m talking and laughing with them, having a great time.

Turning around, I can see in front of their desks that the floor just stops about 8 foot away, and it drops off (like a cliff) into the most beautiful vista below!! It was almost like looking down off a cloud or some sort of ‘flat surface’ cliff! I saw an entire ‘world’ below…lights, clouds, cities, trees, forests, all at once.

Standing at the edge, I exclaim, ‘you’ve got the best job in the world! Look at this view!’ and the guy is laughing at my joy in loving where he ‘worked’. I said, ‘you could just fly to anywhere you want to at any time!’

With that statement, I jumped fearlessly into the open air below! I was thrilled with my soaring and flying and remember thinking how MUCH I missed doing this!

The last part of this experience was more ‘dream-like’ but I’ll describe it as it was part of this same sequence.

I find myself in a small area, like a personal living space, trying to hide from the man who lives/works there. I feel he is an older uniformed man, much like an officer or fireman. I am near his bed and shelf area where he puts his personal belongings.

Initially, I was afraid he could see me, but realized I could not be seen when he left the room. I investigated what he had on his shelf, and was moving the stuff around to see all that was there.

He returns to the room and I watch as he comes to the shelf area and I can hear his thoughts. He’s thinking that someone must have come into his room and moved the items on the shelf, yet he knew that he only left a moment ago and no one came in!

He’s wondering if he’s ‘going nuts’ in seeing this stuff moved, and worried that it might be some medication he was just started on by his doctor causing him to ‘see things’. Shrugging it off, he says, ‘oh well, as long as I stay ‘ok’ for this (house burn/demolition) coming up’ and continued on about his business.

I have no recollection of what happened after that, because at this point I knew I had to start ‘imprinting’ the highlights in my memory as I was returning. Using key words as I always do, I tried to ingrain my subconscious with the simple words that will allow me to recall enough to record, which I did as soon as I fully awakened.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 15 Apr 2012 22:24

2012_04_15 173) Sending Myself Healing Energy

This is the first OBE that I have had since I became very ill two weeks ago and was hospitalized. I’m home now and recovering slowly, and am thankful to be able to still get out of body despite the less-than-optimal state of health.

I became aware when I found myself visiting another house where I felt I was ‘staying’ as a visitor. I can recall knowing I was out of body, but wondered why I felt so sluggish and slow. To prove to myself I was out of body, I managed to do some slow flips and little jumps that confirmed my state of being.

The next recall was lifting higher and higher, looking down on my own house. As I came down into my house, I moved from room to room, viewing everything from ceiling level. Passing from the dining room to the kitchen, I intentionally made myself pass through the wall, and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the ‘crackling’ sensation as I did. This only continued to confirm to me that I was out and in control.

Heading back to the living room, I passed by a large mirror that is there in real life. I see my reflection and continue on past. Seeing myself, it makes me remember that I had wanted to send healing energy to my body should I find myself out again and so moved toward the bedroom.

In the next moment, I stopped to think, ‘hey, if I can see myself in the mirror, maybe I can just send energy to my body via my reflection!” Somehow I knew I just didn’t want to get close to my physical body as I would likely return without sending healing.

Facing the mirror, I remember putting my hands up next to my reflection and moving them across my abdomen and head , two areas where I still have discomfort in real life. (I am amazed that the clarity of thought allowed me to remember where I hurt!)

I remember thinking, ‘send energy!’, but did not feel or see anything unusual happening. I do remember paying attention at my face in the mirror and concerned that it was a sad and tired looking Karen, definitely not one of my better appearances.

I became distracted at the arrival of my son coming into the room and being playful and silly. He paid no attention to me, and after a few minutes, he looked out the door, saw something that felt to be urgent and took off.

It was at this point I felt the tug back to body and found myself awake on the bed. Although this was a relatively short and passive sort of OBE, at least I remembered I had the intention of sending myself some healing.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 28 Apr 2012 03:25

April 23, 2012 174) OBE During my Hospitalization

During the course of my prolonged hospital stay, I had had a series of lucid dreams and even one OBE that I can recall. Unfortunately, being in the hospital environment, being woken quickly and without recorder or even paper available at all times, the amount of recall is quite limited. In addition, due to the need for some very strong mind-altering pain medicines, not all dreams were coherent and able to be described.

The lucid dreams I had during this stay were ones where I knew I was dreaming, yet did not feel in control (likely due to the medicine). I remember one being in a ship, watching the waves roll, thrilled with how big they were getting. I was never fearful, even at one point where I felt the wave pick up the entire ship and fly it through the air as it was tossed over a long distance. I knew I was safe and the landing would be easy.

However, the one OBE I did have had some interesting points despite it being a bit more like a lucid dream where I played along with the action that happened, but in the fully aware state of being out of body.

My first recollection was that of rolling out, but finding myself standing next to my sleeping body in a bedroom I was not familiar with. Moving in the room, I wasn’t completely convinced I was truly out of body as the environment was different and there were all these other people in the room trying to convince me that I was NOT out of body!

Looking around, I noticed a digital clock on the shelf nearby. I was thrilled to see that the display was unreadable, a validation for me that I was out of body as I have used this signal before. However, still not completely convinced as those around me were persistent, I made myself look away and back again, and when it remained unreadable, I felt firmly validated now that I was indeed out of body.

There was a big glass door leading to a balcony from this room and wanting to get outside, I passed easily through the doors. On the balcony, I looked down and saw I was about 10 stories high, looking onto a city street below. Knowing I was out of body, I thought about just jumping off the edge and flying down, but again, those people in the room are doing their best to convince me that I’m NOT out of body!

Now I have some doubts again and hesitate jumping. The people show me the broken screen on the door, saying “look, you broke that screen as you passed through the door, so you are not out of body!” Somehow, I just knew I was, but taking it cautiously, I did some slow handstands on the edge of the balcony, feeling myself float and then doing a little jump and flip while holding on with one hand.

Now fully convinced that I would not be doing this unless I WAS out of body, I fearless jumped and floated gently down to the street level.

Memories here of exactly what I did are hazy. I was with a group of three young people, two boys and a girl, in a car, making plans. I was asked if I wanted to go to this dance with them, and initially said no because I didn’t think I was dressed appropriately. I quickly changed my mind and said ok when they insisted. Now noticing how well dressed (suit and tie) one male was to go to this dance, I knew I had to return to my room to change, as I remembered I had just bought a few beautiful dresses and some new underclothes that would be appropriate.

I told them I’d be right back, and proceeded to fly along the street, gathering stares and stunned looks from the people on the sidewalk as I flew up to my balcony where my bedroom was.

Just outside the balcony I noticed a computer like screen that I felt was the way I needed to go to enter into the room. I was concerned that I would not fit into this little screen, and looking toward the bedroom wall, knew that all I had to do was pass through it, so I did!

I’m now in my bedroom and standing alongside my bed, looking at myself sleeping! Looking away quickly, I worried that I might return to body if I got too close or looked too long. Telling myself, ‘no, I will stay out of body’, I turned again to look at myself on the bed.

I was a bit taken aback to see that I had changed into a deranged looking and disfigured woman, with some sort of dark ugly ‘blob’ next to me on the bed, somehow knowing this also was a part of me. I did not panic or become fearful, but just wondered why I was being presented to myself this way. Without further thought, I remembered the dance, and proceeded to get dressed.

I had to search a bit for these new dresses, deciding the melon colored one would be perfect. As I’m dressing, I was startled to see that one of the males from the car had flown up to the balcony door and was peering in at me! I was surprised he could do so, but then also knew that he was ‘special’ and something more than the others. He made some comment about not having seen such beauty in a long time and it was at this point that I have no further recall.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 15 Jun 2012 19:22

Oh dear! I see I've been negligent in posting all my experiences here! Be sure to check my blog for the two I missed (#175, #176). If you can't get it there for any reason, let me know and I'll repost here. Meanwhile, I'll post the latest...thanks for reading! Now also can get to the blog with

June 15, 2012 177) Lucid Learning; Mirrors Reflect Creative Abilities

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared an OBE (with the one last week lost entirely due to an early morning phone call), but I do want to share an experience I had early this AM that was more of a lucid learning experience. I do not remember being out of body, however, I do remember clearly I was with a guide and conscious of new information about to be given for a question I had regarding what is ‘true reality’ and how it relates to the One Moment.

I was being shown a snapshot (picture) of a scene that I remembered from childhood where I held a very large mirror up again my body and the camera caught the exact time my reflection and I appeared side by side in the same photo. It appeared as though there were two perfect images of me, without seeing there was a mirror involved.

I then knew this image was being shown as a way of explaining how our personal perceptions create what we see. There was so much abstract information being processed in this short explanation, that I understood it entirely at the time, however, now in trying to make sense now of what I saw, it is difficult to do with words. But I will do the best I can to share what I learned.

I was shown a ‘glass house’ full of people, and noticed that each of them carried a mirror. Some mirrors were very small; others had full body length mirrors with them. It may not even have been a real house but somewhere they could look outside into OTHER people and activities (with each of them carrying their own mirrors). I saw that by positioning and shining their mirrors to exactly where they wanted to ‘bring something into’ their lives inside this glass house, they just had to point and shoot their mirror’s reflection to that ‘moment’ they desired which was going on outside.

At the moment of pointing this reflection to the activity or person outside the house, immediately I could see that not only was the reflection seen in the personal mirror they carried, but also, there was movement of the ‘essence’ of it or some other part of it brought into the ‘glass house’ where they were. I could clearly see this ‘reflection process’ happening with the interaction of these reflections and at the time it all made perfect sense.

I felt all we had to do was point the mirror (and I felt it was up to us how big a mirror we had with us, as it was different sizes at different times) to whatever we wanted to ‘focus’ on outside of this glass house in these other lives and activities going on elsewhere that we also wanted to bring into our own house.

Now for the interesting part, I was then able to understand how a snapshot (picture) taken of this ‘reflection process’ is incapable of accurately portraying what is really happening. Someone else taking this picture with their ‘camera’ captures only the single moment that shows the reflection in the mirror of this person, however, cannot accurately show how this same reflection is ‘coming into’ this person’s ‘life’ or house.

In my conscious analyzing once awake trying to make sense of this, I believe it shows we always have the capabilities to have whatever we wish within this life (house). The ‘glass house’, IMO, is a symbol of our perceived ‘separateness’, where we BELIEVE we have a ‘wall’ between us and the ‘other creative realms’ and/or experiences in other lives we have lived, but where in actuality, all of it is very accessible to us if only we took the time to make our ‘mirror’ (open mind or ability to ‘reflect’; aka connect) bigger, and focus on what exactly we want ‘out there’, knowing we ARE able to bring into THIS life anything we wish.

When someone else is trying to explain or ‘capture’ the process that is happening for other individuals from an ‘external’ point of view, it is impossible for them to completely understand or even explain with a short ‘snapshot of a moment’ (camera picture) what is truly happening to us at that moment. Hence the best way to understand and ‘see’ what is going on is to make your ‘mirror’ bigger and experience it for yourself.

Hence the picture I saw from my childhood in the beginning was a means of explaining this all to me, for which I completely understood and thanked the guide for showing me. Of course, upon waking, to try to explain what I saw and felt into words is nearly impossible, but I do hope this gives you some idea of what I learned deep inside.)
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby curiouskitty » 12 Jul 2012 02:41

Hi the more I read different post the more I realize that I have experienced alot of these things too and didn't know what it was about. Which brings me to you. I have been lucid dreaming for a long time and I keep having these dreams about slavery. Just so you know I am African American. The weird thing is that the dreams are so real and while lucid dreaming I can of course control most but not all aspects of the dreams. Do you have any idea what this may mean. Am I traveling and not knowing. I meet people and see things that I have never expericed before in life. If you have any advice would love to hear it. Thank You.

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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 12 Jul 2012 14:54

curiouskitty wrote:Hi the more I read different post the more I realize that I have experienced alot of these things too and didn't know what it was about. Which brings me to you. I have been lucid dreaming for a long time and I keep having these dreams about slavery. Just so you know I am African American. The weird thing is that the dreams are so real and while lucid dreaming I can of course control most but not all aspects of the dreams. Do you have any idea what this may mean. Am I traveling and not knowing. I meet people and see things that I have never expericed before in life. If you have any advice would love to hear it. Thank You.

Hi there! thanks for the question...and from my perception, I feel it could be a variety of things playing out here for you. Yes, you could be traveling, but back to former lives and re-living key points where there are lessons to be learned yet. With the usual association between African Americans and slavery, this could be part of your learning this life to 'see' what you have done previously, and still have issues to work on.

It could also just be a symbolic message that you are feeling 'enslaved' by something in your current life, whether personal, family or work related. The lucidity part of the dream can be used not only as recognition of being 'out', but also as a way of stressing the importance of what you are experiencing so your conscious AND subconscious can continue to work on it. Many dreams are so easily forgotten, and by becoming lucid, or for some scary, it causes them to be more easily remembered in waking life so issues can be worked on.

The other possibility is that you are interacting with other people who are still 'locked in' to their own realities and living life much as they did while alive (and enslaved), not fully aware they have passed and need to move on. This is a form of retrieval in that you are showing them how to move on, sometimes just by allowing them to 'see' their own guides (other people within the experience) that they could not see until you pointed them out....(I've done this a few times..see my blog for details)

There is so many possibilities happening, but the important thing to know is that you don't need to analyze exactly WHAT is happening, and label it as lucid, OOB, dream, etc. Just KNOW that what you feel is exactly what you need to feel and experience and learn from....and let NO ONE tell you it was 'just a dream' or 'not significant'. Only the dreamer can be the final judge of what they are doing and learning....

Hope this helps....and thanks again for commenting!

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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 25 Jul 2012 00:51

2011_07_22 Another death transition; Making amends

This particular experience was not like my usual in that I was not fully aware of my out of body status until later on. What I am able to say is that this ‘death transition’ feeling I have felt a few times before, and am wondering if these are just simulations for me to experience, learning the ability to ‘let go’ when I realize fighting is futile, or could they really be past live experiences with passing over that I have already been through? (Here’s a link to another similar death transition experience on my blog:

I was driving my car down a very familiar back road, one I have traveled many times. It was raining, and I became aware I was having feelings of ‘foreboding’ and danger, and wondered why it was happening. As I drove down a very steep part of the road, I could see further down at the bottom of the hill that water had flooded over the roadway.

Initially I thought I might want to pick up some speed to get through it, however, a car coming from the other direction started passing through the water. I was shocked to see the car start spinning around, pushed off the road by the high waters.

I immediately put my car in reverse and backed up this steep hill quickly. Thinking maybe I should stop and help this other driver, I glanced back through the front of my windshield to see that his car was nearly capsized, but thankfully I could see that he was able to safely exit through his window and climb onto dry ground. I knew he had had a very close call with his situation.

As I backed up this hill, near the top I remembered there was a crossroad and wondered which way would be best to drive for an alternative route. Pulling into a grassy area by the crossroad, I could see my choice was either to the right or left as I somehow knew I could not have gone back the way I came.

I could see water cascading across the crossroads, running from the right to the left. I figured I’d better drive to the right, where the water was coming from, instead of taking a chance that the water was pooling down the road to the left.

As I started to pull out, I had to stop quickly because a large multi-passenger SUV was pulling out from that direction. I was shocked to see it looked as though it had been in a terrible crash, with pieces missing, and obvious injury to the people inside. I worried that maybe I should stop to help them too, but then figured since they were able to drive the vehicle, I guess they would be ok.

I turned quickly into the road leading to the right, and again was shocked to see that it appeared to be a ‘dead end’ (no pun intended). Immediately I saw what looked like an accident scene, and too late realized there were electric wires down and across the road!!

I had driven directly into the path of the downed wires, as it was raining and everything from there on out happened at once. I KNEW I was about to be electrocuted, I could see the wires, hear the crackle and pop, and felt the tingly vibration of something happening. I knew I was going to pass over, and was not afraid at all, and my only concern was that it was to be painless. I was thrilled when I realized all I felt was this slight tingle or vibration.

Wondering what was going to happen next, I remember thinking I’ll have to do a reality check now, because I was curious what sort of reality I was moving into! Immediately, I was fully awake in my bed, feeling the soft gentle sensations of settling back into my body.

After recording this experience, I went back to sleep and now found myself driving a car again, a common theme for me so I more easily become ‘aware’ when this happens within a dream.

I got the signal that I might be able to move out of body and so tried to roll out of the car. I found it difficult to separate, and had a few seconds of thinking maybe I AM really driving and shouldn’t be throwing myself out of the car!! Lol

However, this indecision as to whether I’m really driving or not is also another signal I use to know I’m ready to exit, as when I’m driving for real in the physical I absolutely have no doubt I am driving. Therefore, ANY indecision as to whether it’s ‘real’ or not, means it’s not!

This time I three myself backward, and immediately found myself out and flying! I was thrilled! It’s been a long time since I had this freedom of flight, and thoroughly enjoyed my swooping and flips! Realizing I had to have a destination, I remember asking to ‘take me where I need to learn’, and suddenly I found myself just outside a large house.

I recognized it was the house of someone from ‘a long time ago’, yet not anyone I can recall in this physical life. I also knew it was a woman whom I had had a ‘falling out’ with, and we had been estranged as friends for a long time. I felt I was there to try to make amends.

Knocking at the door, I was surprised to have it answered by this woman’s mother. She was friendly and polite, and I was relieved to be asked to enter. At this time, all I wanted to do was to go to her back yard to a particular tree and get a ‘seed pod’ that grew there. I wanted this keepsake as a momento of our friendship from a long time ago.

As I walked through the house, I came face to face with the woman whom I was estranged from. She was hesitating and not sure of what to say. I told her that her mom let me in and that all I wanted was this ‘pod’ from the backyard tree.

I could sense she was nervous but yet resistant to this idea. I did not want to upset her more, and so told her that if she really didn’t want me to go to the backyard, that all she had to do was say, “I’d really rather you didn’t”…and so that’s exactly what she said to me. She went on to explain other reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea, but I had already decided to withdraw back to the front door to exit.

At the front door, I heard her mom talking to me as I unlocked the double front door (actually two doors together, opening one at a time.) She mentioned that this same tree was growing in the front yard and peering out the window, I could see the pods I wanted were growing there as well, so those would be the ones I’d take.

As I exited, the scene changed to a narrowed dark corridor descending down, and as I traveled down, I can only remember that I met two other people, one of whom was a ‘weak’ woman in a very small toy car(?) I know I discussed something but upon full wakefulness immediately afterward, I had no other recollection of what happened in that corridor.
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