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Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

Postby karen659 » 08 Aug 2012 01:31

181) Rough Exit; Fearful Voice; Buddy Visit; Fairies and Leprechauns

Although I have had a few experiences over the past few weeks which I have not written up, these last two were quite interesting so I thought I’d write them up to share and get some insights on.


This experience was unusual in that I felt it was a totally different exit than what I am used to. Almost always, once I realize I’m ready to separate, I just roll off to my left off the bed and move on. This time, once I was aware of being ready to separate, I felt heavy and unable to move.

Determined to get out, I literally pushed myself up to a sitting position with my arms, concerned for a brief moment that I was actually physically doing this because it felt so ‘real’. Once sitting, I had to tug and pull to extricate myself until I was standing at the bedside.

Still feeling the tremendous pull back to body, I affirmed ‘to the door!’ to get away and blindly (as it was complete darkness) moved through the door, feeling the change in texture as my clue that I had exited the bedroom.

Flying down the stairs, I felt so free, assuming my now usual position of floating backwards on my back (looking to where I’ve been) as I watched the rotating circular pattern of lights that encompassed me in the blackness. Knowing how much fun it was to fly, I did my usual flips and dips to just have fun.

Realizing I had had no plans as to where to go if out, I just called out into the blackness that surrounded me, “Is anyone there?” (I don’t know why I did this instead of making a plan to go somewhere, possibly I had a feeling someone was with me.)

From off to my left, I distinctly heard a female speak four words/syllables in a husky deep ‘ominous’ voice. (I recorded what I thought she said in syllables, as this was either another language or not meant for me to understand. They were “Aah baa for reel” or something like that)

The problem was that this ‘disembodied voice’ gave me just a twinge of fear as it felt like a ‘not normal’ experience. I began to fade back and as I was pulled back I saw a four poster bed situated in a corner of a room that was surrounded with lots of wall decorations. I have no idea whose room this was or what it meant.


This last experience was remarkable in that it started with a bit of a surprise for me and ended with an even bigger surprise. My first recollection was that I was lying my head against a male’s left chest and could feel his breath as it blew against my left ear. It felt physically real, and I could even feel him breathe, and move his right arm to scratch his head.

I could not see who this was, and with increasing awareness, realized this couldn’t possibly be a physical reality as I live alone and have no one else here with me. I worried just a bit, wondering who this could possibly be!

I was quickly distracted by a pawing to my left and turned around quickly, happily realizing it was my former black lab companion (who passed a few years ago) Buddy!!! I was overjoyed at his coming to see me again, and I could tell by his familiar bark and wag of the tail how excited he was seeing me!

I called him up to the bed, cuddled and played with him, so ecstatic that he was here again! I KNEW I was now out of body (as he’s come to see before), and flew off the bed saying, ‘come on, let’s go!”

Now in full awareness, I knew I could go anywhere, and so I decided I’d go visit my friend NJ. Affirming ‘To NJ!” I started to fly up and away, but now I could hear Buddy whimper slightly, the same sound he’d make when he thought he was going to be left behind. I called to him, “Well, come on, Buddy! You can come too!” and he come toward me with a running leap.

As Buddy leapt toward me, I could feel a slight vibrational change, and realized I was once again traveling backwards, on my back, into fading darkness. As it became darker, I could sense a bit of fear creeping in, so I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t know when it became totally black and therefore more fearful (which could have ended the experience).

Once again, I enjoyed the leisurely drift backwards into the blackness, doing my flips and dips, and slowly became aware of countryside below me. It was twilight, and looking down from on high, I could see the landscape below , including shadows cast from the plants and trees.

I noticed what looked like glittery ‘orbs’ coming all around me with an inquisitive feel to them. They appeared to be like sparkling Christmas ornaments, with various designs and colors interwoven in them.

My senses gave me the feeling these were ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs) of some sort but I was not fearful of them. I remarked how pretty they were and although I felt they were coming to investigate me, I wanted to investigate them!

As I looked at them, I now sensed people below, and turning around, saw a whole group of ‘tiny people’ quickly disperse and hide into the shadows as if they didn’t want me to see them. I called out to them as I flew down, ‘Don’t hide! Come out and talk with me!’

Very intrigued, I tried to communicate with them, and now sensed these were small ‘fairy’ or ‘leprechaun’ type people. They timidly moved toward me, and appeared so cute, child-like in appearance yet fully grown people. They were SO curious as to who I was and as I talked with them, I felt they wanted to learn more about me, but I told them “no, I need to learn more about you!”

I have no recollection as to how this entire experience ended, but it was amazing while slowly waking to still be able to ‘see’ those orbs sparkling around me. Somehow I just KNOW these were the ‘little people’ of the land that so many call ‘fairies’ and ‘leprechauns’. I have always felt a kinship with fairies in some way but now I can tell you now, they DO exist!
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

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My apologies for the length of this post, but I didn't want to leave anything out!

Rhine Research Center - Examining the Nature of Out of Body Experiences - September 2012

I want to share in as much detail as I can the experience I had last week (Sept 19-21, 2012) working with the Rhine Research Center ( in North Carolina as a participant for scientific research into the nature of out of body experiences. This is a pilot study being done in preparation for further investigative work, and I was honored to be asked to be the first test subject to see if any improvements and/or results could be generated.

Getting chosen to do this was in itself quite a synchronistic event, as I feel I didn't ask for this assignment, but the Universe showed me in or uncertain terms that I was to do to it!

I had just decided to sign up for the OBE Intensive with William Buhlman at the Monroe Institute in Virginia for November (as I've not been there before) and it was the Monroe Institute who was contacted by the researchers asking for astral study subjects who might be interested. Through email, William Buhlman asked if I might be interested. I was not really sure I wanted to do this, but for gather more information, I did as directed and contacted the CEO of The Monroe Institute.

When I first called, the CEO was on vacation so I left a message to call me back. It took almost two weeks before I tried calling again, but in the meantime, I went ahead and made plans to visit my friend in Chapel Hill, NC for a visit in mid-September.

Can you imagine my surprise when I found out from the CEO of TMI that the planned research was scheduled to be done IN North Carolina, just a few miles from where I’d be visiting my girlfriend AND they wanted to do it mid-September!! It was as if the Universe lined up the plans so that I had the exact time and place to be available for their research!

Arriving at the Rhine Research Center, I met with John and Bryan and had an overview of expectations and a general tour of the facility. We discussed the various ways they were hoping to take measurements – the exact platform scale ‘bed’ used previously by Lewis Hollander in the 1990’s for his research (, a random number generator they previously used for their ESP research, a BioEnergy room that had a photon collection device to count the amount of invisible UV light that can be emitted, and a final ‘target’ room that would contain a chosen target that I was to focus on ‘seeing’ when out of body.

I was able to pick the room I wanted the target placed in, and to keep it double blind, the researchers themselves would not know what the target was. Another facility member would place it after hours and the room sealed.

Control testing started, which involved calibrating the scale to document changes in weight during deep breathing, holding breath both inhalation and exhalation, as well as documenting the changes in pattern as I moved on the platform. We had decided that the first 30 minutes or so would be my induction phase with a guided meditation, and that I would normal roll to my left to sleep just after it so the movement of the body roll was needed to be document to signal a ‘start’ time.

It was agreed that I would attempt to get OOB to the target and try to return immediately to record my impressions, and then if possible get back OOB to try for another experience for weight change, as the back to back OBEs have been done in the past with me. I would call out after I was completely awake for the morning.

To maximize the simulation for my own OBEs that occur frequently in the early morning hours, we agreed that I would call Bryan (who is staying in the same hotel 3 doors down) on the room phone after I wake the first night, between 3-4am. I plan on sleeping for about only 4 hours, staying up until 11:30pm or so, to get the deep sleep over with, and then once awakened, call Bryan who would then accompany me across the street to the research facility and scale.


I woke about 3am, tossed for a bit but by 3:15a decided to get up and get ready to go across the street. Arrived with Bryan at 3:20am to lab, was underway with attempt by 3:35am. The platform was not as comfortable as I initially thought and staying in the one position on my left side was becoming awkward.

I was concerned throughout the time that my excessive movement might alter what the scale readings were, so was anxious not to move much, which didn’t allow me to drop into sleep easily. I remember feeling a bit cool with the fan blowing, wishing I had left my jacket on instead of hanging it by the door. I felt my discomfort might impact my ability to project.

It felt as if I was never falling asleep with time ticking, doing deep breathing, visualizations of the target, impressing the need to know what it is. I also remembered the random number generator to try to see if I could get it to flow out of the normal curve.

At some point I must have drifted off to sleep, as I recall some dialogue with a woman who wanted something I had and was ready to give to another person. This woman said something to the effect that she was ‘on her deathbed’ and I should feel obligated to give it to her, but somehow I knew this statement it was not true.

I woke a few more times, always uncomfortable and afraid to move, but eventually took the risk of moving, checked the time on my phone and saw it was already 6am. Figuring not much was going to happen with this first experiment, I rolled to my right side and attempted one more time to sleep.

Next memories were of watching a video that was made for our local hospital where I used to work (some sort of promotional video it felt) and it was focusing on a display of wooden signs with words on them, such as Simplicity and many others I could read. (I discussed with Bryan the possibility that this might have to do with the target, but not certain)

I thought this unusual to have a video of the gift shop, focusing so intently on these word signs, but then the camera panned to the lobby where it was decorated very warmly as if autumn (which I remember thinking it’s really not that season yet). I saw a fire in the fireplace, and off to my left a huge slab of meat roasting on a rotisserie. I didn’t think this strange at all, only the sense that it was not the right ‘season’ to be decorated in yet.

My next thoughts were of ‘waking’, wanting to find the light. I felt a lamp pole on my right, and proceeded to walk my hands up the thin pole to the level where I felt a shelf to be located. On this shelf was a smaller lamp, without a shade, only a small broken bare light bulb at the top. I knew this was not going to work and felt disheartened again.

I then heard names being called out, as if a roll call, and the feeling of a school came. I saw/felt three younger girls (ages 12-14) walking by and noted that the names all started with the same “K” or “C” consonant so both the first and last names were similar, and I took note it was the same beginning sound as my name, Karen.

Without any change in focus, I then heard two or three young boys giggling and laughing coming up on my right as I lie face down on the platform. I was fully aware I was in the test area, as I felt to be awake, and wondered why these boys were so close. Not moving, I then felt them climb up onto the platform with me, still having such fun and laughing! I worried that this ‘extra weight’ from them is going to really have an effect on the scale measurement! I knew that the test was done now, especially with this added weight and their activity…so I began to relax and enjoy the merriment with them.

I asked them, “what are you boys doing here?” and one answered something like ‘What do you think we are doing here?’ and before I had time to think of another question, I felt the pull back to physicalness.

I realized upon fully waking that there was no one else in this room, there was no lamp or shelf, and it was a false awakening. I recorded what I just experienced noting it was approximately 7:20am.

I then called out to Bryan, who came in with post-experience questions as I shared my experiences on tape for later data review and analysis. I will say there was some interesting results, but I unfortunately cannot disclose any information at this time until the data is fully analyzed.


Met wit Bryan and John at 11am, and discussed plans for control BioEnergy readings in double dark room and then meditative session to see if could increase response in light photons (which change into current for readout). Many people before had been tested, over 130, from healers, meditators, etc. Only 9 of over 130 people were able to make a significant effect with it over the past 15 years.

For this session, I sat upright in chair, with all metal removed from my body. The session began when told to open filter to allow capture while in pitch black room. After 3-5 minutes of baseline, then told to do meditative session for about 30 minutes with them to advise me of when time to stop would be, then to follow with another 3-5 minutes of baseline.

Upon review of the session immediately afterward, they showed me that I had a normal baseline with a fairly constant level of photon emission for approximately 20 minutes. At this time John indicated that it seems there would be no change so they might as well end, and he was surprised to see that just as he was speaking his sentence to Bryan there was a huge single spike in photon emission. They agreed to let it run a bit more, and a second lesser spike was immediately noted. Again it seemed to stabilize after a minute and John mentioned stopping the session, which once again as he said this, a slight change in trend in emission was registered on the screen.

The change from baseline continued for a few minutes and then returned to original baseline. At this time it was just over 30 minutes and the session was stopped. This was not as significant a finding as some they have had, but still noted to have a difference in photon emission when there should have been none, as nothing physical in the room changed.

During this meditative session, I was very surprised to hear them tell me the 30 minutes was up, as I as certain it had only been 10 minutes at most. In this total pitch black room, you lose all sense of time.

We walked across the street to hotel for lunch, swapped lots of stories, and return for the afternoon nap session back on the scales. I was not optimistic that this would be too successful as I rarely find time to nap in the afternoon, yet knew that I would stay open to the possibility since I knew I had previously had an OBE years ago while napping.

Once on the bed scale platform for a nap, I was easily into the meditative state, and just prior to the 30 minute signal when I would roll over, I thought I heard knocking or noise just outside the room. Thinking they wanted to let me know the 30 minutes were up, I stayed in my relaxed mindstate a bit more to finish, and then rolled to my left as the agreed signal.

I had much difficulty in falling asleep, affirming over and over OUT OF BODY NOW and TO TARGET, as well as remembering to try to change the random number generator. It was at least 20-30 minutes before I was able to fall asleep, again hearing some noises in the room during this time, and then again just before becoming fully awake.

I felt that I had definitely achieved a ‘dream state’ at the end of this experience, however, did not enter into a full out of body state. However, I was much more relaxed in not worrying about movement and attempted to keep myself as comfortable as possible.


I awoke about 3:10am, called Byran at 3:15am and we started the session by 3:25am.

I used 30 minutes mediation MP3, then rolled to my left side to sleep as the agreed signal. I was MUCH more comfortable with extra layer foam and small Mexican blanket John added. I was also more comfortable knowing I could move as I needed to. I intently focused on OUT OF BODY and TO TARGET with some thought of random number generator change.

For this session I had many dream snippets recalled that pertained to my prior work at the hospital again and taking care of patients. I am not revealing details here due to the personal nature of much of it. I believe I had many different memories, all with certain impressions made, that I took note of as potentially related to the target. For instance, in one, I was with a male, visiting someone’s house, wanting to take a shower, asked for towel, and was told they were in the office a room next door. I found these beautiful blue turquoise colored towels folded in a box.

When I felt as if I woke for day, a time check revealed it was 6:22am and I was determined to give this a another attempt so settled back in with OUT OF BODY and TO TARGET affirmations, as well as an intense try for changing the random number generator.

I then heard a window rattling twice, yet there was no window in room Felt the beginnings of vibrations, and a slight floating feeling, but no full separation. Few recalled memories during this time involved a blue coffee cup, the D handle shape impressed in my mind.

I was surprised to find out the next time check it was 7:59 am and that almost 90 minutes had passed as it did not feel to have been that long that I was attempting. I thought I had been awake the entire time, maybe ½ hour at most.

Byran came in with post session questions where I spoke of my experiences above, my increased comfort, my wish I had been this comfortable in previous session, and the rare opportunity I’ve had to do this back to back, which may have set limiting beliefs with me that it might not be as successful.

Again results this time were quite surprising for me, but alas, I cannot divulge the specific details yet. But I will say that the random number generator definitely went out of the range of ‘normal chance’ for a long period of time!


They had moved the scale bed into the double dark BioEnergy room with the photon collections, turned on the random generator and reminded me of trying to hit the target.

As this was another ‘nap’ session, we agreed we’d stop after 2 hours, since in there I had no way of knowing the passage of time.

We started at 2pm, with all metal and reflective surfaces taken off. I opened the shutter and started my induction. I remember getting about 15-20 minutes in (feels like) and then the very next recollection I had I was wide awake after a ‘settling in’ sensation. It felt as though I had ‘clicked out’ for an unknown period of time, moving out of body, despite the complete loss of recall in between.

I was concerned because I had no concept of how much time had lapsed, it could have been a few minutes (as I was still on my back) or much longer. Feeling as if I had to continue to try a bit more, I rolled over to my right side facing the wall (the agreed ‘signal’ that I’d try to move out) and attempted to get information on the target as I relaxed. Used affirmations out of body now, to the target, but could tell nothing was really going to happen.

Felt after a short bit, maybe 10 minutes or so in my estimation, that ‘time’s up’ and so I called out to the guys that I’m awake and ready, hoping that there was some results.

I was astonished to discover that it was EXACTLY two hours when I called out, as John was about to knock on the door to wake me! It was the longest session they had ever had and it was quite interesting to hear of the results.

With the debriefing, I was dismayed to think I had not real information to share because of this ‘click out’ sensation. All I knew was that I was likely out of body, going somewhere that I was not able to have any recall of at all. Upon return I attempted to consciously get out again, knew it wasn’t going to happen, and then called out.

What is fascinating was the preliminary results that were taken at this session!! Again, no specific details can be told, but they DID congratulate me on being one of the few people they have had in this room to make a significant change in photon light emission!

Not only the photons, but there were some potentially significant changes in the scale measurements! I wish I could tell you details, but I do not want to compromise any research and was asked not to do so.

As this was the final session for the research, we now were going to see what the target was that was placed in the room by the secretary. This was a double blind target, as neither researcher knew what it was. They had me write down my impressions from all the sessions as to what I felt it could be, such as ‘blue’ ‘box’ ‘wooden’ ‘triangle’ ‘angular’ “D” shape, etc.

Then the secretary brought in a bag with five items including the target. As soon as I saw one certain object come out of the bag, I immediately felt a pull to choose it. I was asked to line them up in order of preference – 1 to 5 – and for whatever reason, knew it was only one of the three. Two items, a feather and wooden flute, was ‘cold’ and not even considered. The other three items were close, a blue-green prism in the shape of a triange, a small wooden box, and a clear egg carton with various colored embroidery thread in it.

My choice initially was the egg carton, as it ‘felt’ right…and I made that #1. John asked me to re-read my list and make sure I wanted to leave it as it was before the secretary revealed the answer to us all. At THAT time, I panicked a bit and with what I saw I wrote down, changed my choice from the egg carton to the blue-green prism as #1. As you can probably guess, the correct target WAS the egg carton!! Goes to show that you should always listen to your intuition first!!!

My time here with the Rhine Institute was just fantastic, and I came away with such validation for me that there CAN BE something ‘tangible’ to this astral projection! I was pleased to have had some results with this, the best being the random number generator going out of ‘normal’ chance for such a long period of time, and the ‘light generation’ that I achieved with the photon emission and possible change in weight with projection.

This will all be written up in a published pilot study, hopefully by the end of the year when I can share publicly some of the ‘official’ results after the data is fully analyzed.
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

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2012_10_29 184) Clarity of Awareness; “Physical” Intimacy During OBE

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any experience on my blog, not because I haven’t had any, but mainly because most of the exits and experiences were either not remembered in much detail or not having much in the way of things I’ve done.

I do want to share a few bits about the last two, especially since there is such a correlation always with my daily life activities.

One exit last week started with awareness of vibrations, not extreme, but soft ‘numbing’ type sensations. I was excited to feel them, knowing I was going to get out again! I willed them to become stronger, and at the point where I knew I could get out, I pulled myself, struggling against the strong pull back to body.

As I’m pulling out, I can feel my feet and arms lifted, and as I sit up, I mentally request help to move to the door. I can hear a voice in my ear saying, “Push, Karen, push! You can do it!” I did not see anyone, but could clearly hear her voice. Breaking free from the pull of the body, I move down the stairs to my living room.

In the living room I am astonished at the mess! Things strewn all over, including toys and things from my children at an early age (who have since long grown up). My sister is there, and so I assume that this is just something I shouldn’t worry about, and then move to the front picture window with the intention of getting outdoors.

I feel so heavy with such difficulty moving that I just want to get outside to feel the change in cool air I knew I’d have. I stuck my head out the window, felt the coolness to affirm that I was indeed out, and then climbed up to the roof.

Here I just enjoyed the freedom of hanging off the roof by my legs, thrilled at the sight of my astral form in such clarity! I could clearly see my legs on the roof, as my head hung off the side! It was such validation for me that I was in control with such clarity of vision, as I don’t always get to see ‘myself’ when out of body.

Floating down from the roof, I remembered I had set the intention of visiting a friend and sending energy for a positive outcome to some pending health-related testing (which DID come back the next day with good results!). Although I did not get to him, I know I sent energy his way.

I tried then to take off flying and immediately felt the pull back to body, now lying in bed and hearing a radio station playing. I could feel some sort of ‘tingling’ energy circling my face and attempted to get to my recorder. It was another false awakening, as my fumbling with the buttons showed me I still was not fully awake.

Eventually, I did wake to full consciousness, disappointed that I didn’t really do a lot, but happy to know that I had such clarity in vision with being able to see myself, which is so rare for me.

This last exit this morning was a bit personal, but I’ll at least mention some of the details. I do have to let you know that in the Astral Projectors group on Facebook, there was some discussion on ‘astral sex’ that may have influenced this experience!

My first awareness was of an alarm going off with flashing lights, one that actually scared me a bit as I knew we were preparing for a rather severe storm within the next day.

However, I had the presence of mind to know that I had put on my sleep mask and should NOT be able to see any light; hence I knew that this was likely the start of an OBE. I just let it go on and waited to see what would happen next.

I felt vibrations and immediately took the initiative to climb out, this time backward as if I was on my stomach and lifting up. This time it was easy to move, and I glided down the stairs with great control.

Once down stairs, I moved to the side door (always picking a different exit from the house for some reason!), and along the way stopped to go through a wall just to enjoy the feeling of texture change.

I flew a little, gliding gently, not really having an intended target. I remembered to affirm, “take me to where I need to go” hoping that I’d feel that transition to another learning opportunity.

I did a little jump to see if I could initiate the transitions, but was disappointed to not feel any change or tunnel as I usually do. I closed my eyes and affirmed again, this time to realize I’m back in bed, but not waking as I usually do.

Realizing I could get out again, I roll immediately off to the left and seeing the window by my bed, intending to go through that way for a quick exit.

However, I was immediately pulled backward by someone, with strong warm arms encircling me. I was being hugged, and totally enjoyed this sensation of such close ‘physical’ contact’! I asked who he was, but got no answer, just more wonderful closeness and intimacy.

What happened next will not be posted on the blog here, but suffice to say that it was quite intimate; something that I would never have believed could be felt when out of body!! Even though I knew I was ‘out of body’, there certainly was quite the physical sensations being felt!!

Again, after a time, there was the pullback to wakefulness, however, before I was able to record much of it, I had a bit of ‘astral vision’ where I could ‘see’ a window the a rather severe storm going on outside it. Knowing a hurricane was on its way, I assumed this was just an affirmation that I had to make sure I was prepared for the worst.

I woke to full awareness, recorded what I could, and knew that this was one OBE that was a first of its kind for me!
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Re: Travels of a Dreamwalker - karen659

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I've been negligent in posting ALL my experiences here, and see I've missed a few...if you wish to read the previous, please check my blog Thanks! --Karen

187) Return to OBEs; Family gathering; Meeting Buddy; Daughter's Dream

Well, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted here, and I thank everyone who is still around to read this post!

Ever since my awesome experiences with the OBE research in North Carolina in September 2012, and then a fantastic week at the Monroe Institute with William Buhlman in November 2012, I've had some not-so-great experiences in my personal and professional physical life that took me away from my focus on OBEs and astral travel.

I always knew that I still traveled nightly, but I was not having the dream recall or the ability to ‘intend’ these experiences when one’s consciousness is so busy with more mundane physical issues.

Things are settling once again in my physical life, and with the support of some GREAT friends in the Astral Projectors Facebook group, I’m beginning to get back what I once had.

Last night (well, actually, this morning) I was able to really focus and intend to get OOB, using my MP3’s from various recordings, including author Jurgen Ziewe (

I was brought to awareness with his meditative recording that offered binaural tones, which at one point the tones actually became a bit ‘irritating’ to my ears, but that was also the trigger to lucidity that I needed to get out! (

l found myself rolling off the bed, affirming, “To the door!” I felt sluggish, almost like pulling taffy to get my ‘body’ to respond but with determined affirmations, I floated out the bedroom door and down the stairs.

Once in the living room, I stopped to try to get more lucidity with “Clarity now!” affirmations which worked, and then also remembered how Jaime would clap/rub hands to confirm and improve awareness. I saw my hands in front of me, tried to ‘clap’ and knew by the feel of the energy that I was totally and completely out!

I moved to the front door and passed through easily, now in the front yard and drifting upward. I flew next door to my parents’ house (my childhood home) and from above, saw a number of familiar people standing around below. (I knew who they were at the time, but now have no idea.)

I sensed they were there for some sort of ‘gathering’ for someone ‘going away’…and it had a military or funeral connection to it. No one was too upset, and I recall noticing one person’s hair color as a beautiful reddish auburn and confirming to myself that it was nice to see the color was unchanged from last time I saw them (?).

Looking down at them, I did not join them, but rather wanted to just enjoy my sense of freedom of being out of body again! I recall flying and stretching my energies, maneuvering through trees and feeling the ‘touch’ of nature and all its beauty.

After a short time of pure enjoyment, I had the thought that I should take advantage of being out of body for other reasons, instead of doing it just for my pure enjoyment. With that thought, I found myself back in bed!

However, there was ‘something different’ about the feel of being in bed, and I remember affirming that I did NOT want to return yet, and despite sensing I was awake but knew to keep trying. I could feel my legs kicking at the bed covers, tangled up in the sheets, and trying desperately to move myself out of the bed.

Immediately I found myself standing at the glass door to the outdoors in my bedroom and totally unsure of my status! (I really should have realized it was my usual signal that ANY time I am ‘unsure of my status’ that it IS true that I’m OOB!! Lol)

So to check what reality I’m in, I try to put my hand through the glass sliding door…and it goes through easily! Ecstatic that I’m still OOB, I slowly move through the glass, feeling the wonderful change of texture as I pass through and into the cooler ‘air’ outdoors.

I stopped to look back at the glass door, and see my daughter’s cat there looking out at me! However, instead of the beautiful Russian blue cat he is, I watch as he changes into this white/brown/black calico cat! I think to myself how cute it is that even the cat has his ‘dream colors’ he wants to be!

Moving on, the next memories are quite limited, as I know I did a lot more than what I can fully recall. All I remember at this point is sitting at the bottom of a long flight of stairs, watching some sort of activity in front of me.

My ‘sense’ of what I was watching was something to do with a type of National Geographic documentary (?) on hunting or similar, with these HUGE wild boars (pigs) that were the size of cows! People were there I was conversing with, but have no idea what the topic of conversation was.

While sitting there, though, I was immensely pleased to see that my black lab, Buddy (who died a few years ago), once again came to sit next to me to be hugged and kissed. I can still feel his happy tail wag and comforting body next to me.

At that point, I became aware that my daughter was coming down the stairs behind me. (My daughter is just now starting to realize that she also travels in dreams, although she is not fully ready to accept it as a process of learning).

I’m so happy to tell her about Buddy being there with me, and then go to tell her that she too is now dreaming and astrally traveling! However, at that point where I am to say something, I get an AWFUL taste in my mouth and have to turn away from her to spit whatever it is out, over the railing at the side of the steps I was on.

As I turn to go back to talk to her, (concerned that she was going to think I was rather disgusting for spitting…lol), she’s gone and I find myself immediate fully awake and back in bed.

I hurry to record all that I could remember, and while writing this, just talked with my daughter to see if she remembered any dreams from this morning. She mentioned that although there was no specific dream recall, she awoke with a sense of ‘longing and missing’ our longtime pet, Buddy!

To me, this was enough of a validation to know that she was there, and with time, may wish to learn more about this wonderful world we all live in, as well as the multitude of ‘worlds’ that we are all multi-dimensionally part of!!!
"The more we learn, the more limitless the Universe becomes!"

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