Share your 1st LD here! :D

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
knight of cups
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby knight of cups » 26 Feb 2013 16:55

In my first lucid dream I dreamed I was waking up in my bed and I looked up at the clock on the wall to see what time it was. The hands on the clock were moving backwards and it was just too weird so I realized I was dreaming.

I looked at my hands and was shocked to see an eye in each palm. Now I was SURE I was dreaming. I got out of bed and walked over to a table. I put my hand through the table and really felt the magic of lucidity.

I walked over to a wall and put my hand through the wall. I was curious as to how I was able to penetrate a solid looking object and leaned in real close to the wall to examine what it was made of. Instead of being solid, I saw that it was made up of billions of tiny light particles.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby PelicanPus » 26 Feb 2013 18:32

My first LD was about 8 years ago. I had been sleeping alone on my back in my bed when all of a sudden I got this chill throughout my entire body. I lifted up out of my body like a vampire lifts up from his coffin.

I looked back and saw myself asleep on my bed, I turned to my left, then to my right where I saw my reflection in the mirror that was my closet door. I jumped out of my bed and ran over to the mirror to get a closer look of my reflection where I immediately became "gremlin like". I had this look of a crazed prisoner that had just escaped a lifetime of capture.
I then ran around my room panting a weird monster-like noise celebrating this so called "release".

Completely aware I was dreaming, I still needed confirmation so I quickly jumped up and started flying around my condo. It was certain I was dreaming so I flew out of the sliding glass balcony doors of my 5th floor condo and went on a journey that is a still clear as day.

I traveled into an oversized Karma-Sutra like tent with different rooms of people getting it on with one another and I knew I could have any of them.
I was in full control and within what felt like seconds I was able to orgasm from the oral stimulation I was receiving from some random guy in my dream whom I've never met or seen before in my life.

The entire time I was dreaming, I was alone in my bed. I know some will speculate I had to have been touching myself in my sleep but the orgasmic sensation was so strong that it woke me up and I quickly realized that both arms were above my head.

Since then, I frequently experience these type of Lucid dreams and they all start the same way. First, with a tingling sensation throughout my body followed by uncontrollable room spin that soon ends eruptively and then the dream starts.
I always jump up to fly around for confirmation that I am dreaming because the dream always starts with me getting up from where I originally fell asleep so sometimes it is hard for me to know for sure if I am dreaming or not.
I notice these dreams are often triggered when I am asleep on my back, I am able to maintain control throughout the dream and they always end with an orgasm.

Very strange but VERY exhilarating :roll: :mrgreen:

Sterre Duiker
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Sterre Duiker » 10 Mar 2013 11:01

My first LD was a WILD. I'm 13. I was tired when I had it. I have ADD :D .
I enter the dream lucid, everything is hazy. I ask if I can join someone elses dream (if its possible) and get a floating neon turquoise sign stating yes. I imagine a portal behind me and go through it to go in a frends dream yet find myself in my dads :P (I was on a school trip to the beach, maybe i missed him) I correct myself and enter my friends dream. I tell him he's dreaming and he stares at me, totally clueless. We're in a treehouse. I eat pizza there and sushi I made myself. It tastes bland :x . I turn myself into an adult. I wake up to the sound of my teacher banging on the door. All in all it seemed like 20 minutes long :P .

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Mar 2013 08:01

Sterre Duiker wrote:My first LD was a WILD. I'm 13. I was tired when I had it. I have ADD :D .
I enter the dream lucid, everything is hazy. I ask if I can join someone elses dream (if its possible) and get a floating neon turquoise sign stating yes. I imagine a portal behind me and go through it to go in a frends dream yet find myself in my dads :P (I was on a school trip to the beach, maybe i missed him) I correct myself and enter my friends dream. I tell him he's dreaming and he stares at me, totally clueless. We're in a treehouse. I eat pizza there and sushi I made myself. It tastes bland :x . I turn myself into an adult. I wake up to the sound of my teacher banging on the door. All in all it seemed like 20 minutes long :P .

One of my LD goals is to eat the most amazing food in my life so I often go out food seeking in my LDs. (Im a food lover so amazing food is great). In my last one i did in which I wanted to achieve this challenge, I thought of my challenge then turned around and saw a freezer in a shop so thought "ice creams" and of my favourite one.. and then went to the freezer and sure enough it was in there.

I got it out and started eatting it but to my disappointment it was the wrong flavour in the wrapper!!.. chocolate cornetto instead of peppermint cornetto.. so I couldnt be bothered with that dream goal so just handed it to a DC to eat. Im going to achieve that challenge one day and eat the most amazing icecream of my life.
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby deepakkumaar97 » 12 Mar 2013 08:01

I had my first LD about 5 years ago( when I was 10) at that time I didn't even know it was called a LD.
At that time I was very afraid of nightmares(which I had frequently), so to escape from that at night I would repeat to myself that anything crazy is a dream and I would wake up.
So in one such nightmare I was falling from a helicopter and just before hitting the ground I realized I was dreaming and happily woke up and was happy as I did not hit the ground.
I guess it was an LD because LD defines that one should be aware that he is dreaming, it is not necessary that he should be able to control it.
So starting from that time, I slowly( very slowly) made my progress at LDs.
My progress rate is the highest since I found this forum :D .
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Lewisfranklin » 12 Mar 2013 23:35

My first lucid dream occurred when I was only around eight years old. At the time obviously I had no idea what Lucid dreaming was but I remember it to this day at 14 years old and it is a fond memory of mine. Basically when I was younger I really desired a crazy pet which no one else had that no one could take away from me. I entered this beautiful dream world, yet the only part of the dream I do not remember is what triggered my lucidity? maybe it was just the excitement of having my own pet Dragon!

My pet Dragon was never named but I remember riding on its back through the beautiful red sky with the dragons beautiful red scales shimmering in the dappled sunlight through the clouds flying all over the planet, visiting the houses of family and friends! I never spoke to them though, I just flew to their house. This dream was so incredible for me to experience at such a young age that somehow I gained the access to that same world the next night. Unfortunately my Lucidity was not as powerful...

In my second dream my Dragon and I flew a little bit but my Dragon was unwell. I didn't know how to help it and my sub conscious managed to drag me back into a controlled dream state. I remember blurry images of me falling into some sort of computer world with green pixels flying around me and the little transparent greenish squares beneath me shattered like glass. the worst part of that dream was when I found my Dragon on one of the glass pieces, it was laying down dying.

I am not sure how I did this next part but I felt extremely powerful, angry and upset. The sight of my new and only friend almost dying snapped me into a lucid state. Though unknowingly I didn't realize I could save my Dragon. It died right in front of me, and in my lucid state all was very vivid and upsetting. I cried in the dream and the glass beneath me shattered. I woke up in tears and never returned to that dream again. I am almost crying now and this is but a memory. I really did have an attachment to my dream companion and the death of it sank my heart.

But that was my first lucid dream :) at eight years old I am quite happy to say I managed to gain some sort of control over my dream! its a shame my sub conscious managed to still take my dragon away from me. :(

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Niccolino » 25 Mar 2013 21:55

I had my first LD today. I'm 12 years old and my lucid dream was about a school trip to a museum. I walked into an exhibit full of empty sweet jars, and I just had to try some magic. So I successfully made sweets appear in them! Yay! I jumped with joy and kinda accidentally floated up to the ceiling of the exhibit room. By now my classmates had joined me and were amazed to see me flying. Then the alarm clock went off and I woke up :( .

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lucidinthe sky
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby lucidinthe sky » 26 Mar 2013 03:27

Alarm clocks are the number one enemy of lucid dreams!
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Je-Je » 04 Apr 2013 10:55

Me, i have got my first lucid dreaming after a months and a half.
I was on a road with my brother and a man, when i realise that i was dreaming, i have make a reality check(put my finger into my hand, and it has leave a big hold into my hand). I was so excited that i though i will wake up, but the dream was pretty strong, so i didnt wake up. The first thing that i have told to myself is too have sex with a girl. I saw a girl(she was in primary school with me), i have taken her and put her on the ground and have sex with her, but i was telling to myself; why are you losing your time doing that, there is a lot of things to do. I return where my brother and the other man were, and i was trying to fly(i was running and jumping but i coulnd fly, i was keeping trying). Then the lucid dream has stop and i have make a normal dream.

Sorry for the that thing(sex) :oops:
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Inner Effect
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Inner Effect » 09 Apr 2013 20:40

After practicing lucid dreaming techniques for the last month or so I had my first lucid dream last night, I've had them a couple of times before mostly during childhood but this was the first time brought on by my own will and increased dream awareness. I had done my usual reality checks during the day and as I drifted off to sleep I repeated my lucid dream mantra in my mind whilst remaining focuses on the hypnagogic imagery, the first dreams that came to me where about lucid dreaming techniques repeating on loop, more like concepts and audio with images of an island in a vast ocean. After waking to relieve my bladder I lay back in bed and drifted into another dream, the scene involved interacting with strange alien creatures in space suits who were standing outside their landed space craft, we were in a secret location on earth and I was meeting them for a mission of some kind. I started to sense this was odd and doesn't usually happen in waking life so my awareness that I was dreaming increased to a semi lucid state, the scene shifted to inside a room which looked like a temple, there were other human characters there and I was able to manifest some of their actions and had a certain degree of control over the dream. I wanted to see the aliens again and began to sense that one was approaching the temple door perhaps the leader, then one of the human characters said 'Hes coming'. The dream shifts again to me in a bathroom, I'm washing my face with water and soap at a sink, I look in the mirror and can see a distorted reflection of something, perhaps a entity behind me or was it my own reflection? I look around me and see nothing, splashing water in my face I look in the mirror again and my view snaps into sharp focus, I can see details of my eyes, the soap on my face and water dripping down into the sink. I splash more water and my reflection distorts with a skewed perspective just above my eyes across my forehead, I observe this distorted reflection from different angles and then a sudden wave of euphoria hits me as I come to full dream awareness and lucidity, I shout out in excitement and joy! This of course wakes me up in my bed though, a brief moment of full lucidity but it felt like I was on the brink of it all night. So it seems the mirror and seeing my own reflection with dreamworld distortions was the trigger, I've been doing reality checks with my hands so far but have never looked at them in a dream yet, perhaps I should now start doing reality checks when I see a mirror instead?
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