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Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 13 Aug 2012 06:52
by fistania
Hi everybody!
i'm just curious if anybody ever tried the mirror experiment here, and how the mirror reflects you. please share your experiences and let's discuss it here :D

(i'm not sure where to put this topic, so… :s)


i have done it about last year, and i think i should share the result here. from dream journal entry of 17/12/2011

i have two main goals that night: to go to 'my secret garden' (fictional place where i enhance my visualization skill), and to do mirror experiment. my first goal didn't go so well, so i proceed to my 2nd goal. i went to my sister's room (i think it was dark) and sit in front of her study table and look at the mirror there.

the result was freaky, my face looked crooked. my left eye was pretty much normal, while my right eye is only half Image like this, but in the shape of eye. the iris was also much bigger as well, not to mention the location of this right eye was slightly above the normal location. my lips was also distorted, where the right-half was bent and bigger. my face was unequally crooked, and it's not 'half normal-half freaky', like perhaps my face posture was bent on the left or something.

i don't really remember, but the journal says "it was really ugly and scary". oh right, i then asked my sister besides me why was my face like that, and she provided meaningless answer (maybe. if i said so it's probably really irrelevant). then i looked back at the mirror and my right eye was not half anymore. but it became bigger and more absurd.


one thing i remember the most after having that dream is that for 3-4 days after, i'm scared of seeing my reflection in the mirror. in my belief, mirror in dream reflects our inner self, like how crooked my personality was+how i think of my personality. that's why i felt so ugly inside and whenever i saw my reflection on normal mirror, i kind of keep thinking "my face is not bad… but the inside is so ugly" while slap the mirror slightly to cover my reflected face.

well i tried to be a better person after that dream though, like being nicer to my surroundings, or do something that's more beneficial, so that the next time i do this experiment i wouldn't see such a scary sight anymore.

i haven't done it again actually. seriously. i'd rather see freaky creatures and try to stop and ask them than seeing my reflection. especially when i'm in the phase of rejecting some part of myself.

how about you? :)

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 01:15
by casey
I tried the mirror experiment once and my reflection was normal. So I decided to use the mirror as a portal to an alien planet but last second i changed my mind to a beach. Inside the mirror, everything was black then an orange number appeared and quickly counted up to 38 then shot me out. The room was upside down and i was walking on the ceiling. It was really weird and i cant figure out why it was the number 38.

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Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 26 Aug 2012 12:57
by fistania
casey: wow, i've never tried using mirror as a portal, and i would be dying to know too why the number was 38 if i were you XD then again it could be just the subconscious' randomness~

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 23:51
by blazing
I look so ugly in the LD mirror :(
but any way......I imajane that the mirrior is someone else but it is me and, I can see my mirrior self like in real life.

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 23 Dec 2013 03:39
by SoberLife
I remember looking into the mirror and my whole face was warped. My chin was very small and the top of my skull was huge, misshaped, and kept morphing. All the strands of my hair were moving and I had one huge oblong eye that appeared to be melting outwards.

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 24 Dec 2013 20:23
by Xtreme_Walrus
I was in a lucid dream and wasn't exactly trying to look into a mirror, but it happened anyways. I was leaving some house to go fly and I noticed the whole room was covered in mirrors. I closed my eyes, but I could see right through my eyelids. So I ended up just peeking into a mirror. It wasn't very frightening, but I seemed to be very tired. In the mirror I had three of those bags you get under each eye. I'm sort of confused however, because I'm not a tired person, I get about 9-10 hours of sleep depending on the night and I sleep well. Does anybody have a reason for this experience?

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 09 Nov 2017 17:39
by GamerFuckerLD
I had a lucid dream today where I was at home. Most of the house was dark and few rooms had lights on. As I stand near a sink to check my irregularly shaped hands and count my fingers, I accidentally look at the mirror above the sink and see my reflection.

I was HORRIFIED that my look at myself didn't last more than a second. All I could make of it are my angry, zombie-like eyes, turned inwards with the eyes looking completely white with the pupils barely visible at the top of the eyeballs. From a lucid dream to a lucid nightmare, a scary atmosphere prevailed thereafter.

Re: Mirror Reflection Experiment

Posted: 09 Nov 2017 20:31
by DreamerMan99
Had a baby's head on my shoulders instead of mine. Wasn't scary but was definitely bizarre.