A encounter with a lord

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A encounter with a lord

Postby Boutaydo » 02 Jan 2019 15:49

In this troubling dream, I possessed an immaterial body that allowed me to observe - without showing myself - a lord in his own castle. I remember following him for several minutes as he wandered in his field.

He was a tall man with broad shoulders that even his dressing gown could not hide. When he paused, I took the opportunity to scan the surroundings. The castle walls were covered with portrait paintings. Without knowing how, I knew what they were. Each of his works increases from one to several years the life of the lord. Receiving another piece of information in my mind, I looked at him sympathetically. His most cherished dream was to leave the estate to explore the world, but if he unfortunately left the castle, he would die.

Devouring with curiosity, I telepathically sent him thoughts to induce him to leave the estate. Pivoting like an automaton, the man strode toward the exit door. Close behind him, I rubbed my hands to extend the duration of the dream. Moments later, we were in front of the door, without hesitation he grabbed the handle and opened it. The sun's rays came to tickle my skin. Closing my eyes for a moment I took advantage of this moment.

Reopening them, I observed the surroundings. The domain of the lord lies on the top of a green hill surrounded by water as far as the eye can see. Turning away from the landscape I stared at the lord who put a foot outside the castle. Nothing happened. With boldness he advances his second foot. Always nothing. Bursting with laughter, he began to run to the edge of the hill and then he made the pear. Disappointed that he was not dead I went to turn away when a detail called me out.

His left arm was disappearing. The poor man screamed with terror when he noticed it; he ran towards the door as if he had the devil in the bag. Unfortunately he disappeared into oblivion before reaching his goal. Feeling a malicious presence behind me I took off on all legs and threw myself into the void.

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