Fascinating lucid dream with false awakening

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Fascinating lucid dream with false awakening

Postby edowak » 14 Jan 2019 21:14

Hi all,

I should have written this down soon after waking up, but I still have the main points. This was probably the most interesting lucid dream I've had thus far, as the context and layering was bizarre. Here goes:

I was in a house with some friends I recognized and other people I didn't know -- not much going on, seemed like a small get together. After some time, I noticed something bizarre with the light arrangement, triggered a reality check, and into lucidity I went. After grounding myself into the setting with some hand rubbing, I gained a footing into my surroundings. I started looking around at the people in the house, and noticed one of my good friends who is a skeptic of lucid dreaming (never remembers his dreams, it's a foreign world to him). Perfect! Let's see where this goes. I went up to him, and first prodded him with some basic questions. "Is there any way that we can test if we're in a dream?" "How would you react if this were revealed to be a dream?" And after getting the usual skepticism, I asked if he would like me to turn lights on and off throughout the room without touching anything, something I had never previously tried. With him showing interest, I stated that I would only do it if he remains calm after the result -- I've had interesting/bizarre experiences with dream characters when revealing, so I figured I give this verbal approach a try. When agreeing, I then had him choose any light in the room, either on or off, and then I changed it to the opposite. It came remarkably natural, changing the lights by manifesting what I chose them to be. After doing this until he was thoroughly satisfied, he calmly said, "Alright, I see now. Turn all of them off." I did, and my lucid dream ended. Or so I thought...

I woke up to a false awakening, but unfortunately did not realize this. It was at a hostel or something, and I went out to the common area. I saw that same friend sitting there, and in the irrational state of dreaming without realization, I justified that he had actually experienced what had occurred above, and his dream character actually did seem to retain this, showing a newfound interest in the whole thing. At this point it would have been really interesting to realize lucidity again, and see where things would go, but the dream trailed off.

Overall an incredibly interesting experience. Had a pleasant experience revealing lucidity to a dream character after carefully talking him into a state that would receive it, and then having a false waking where that same character was present, and then talking to him about the previous lucid experience, but without gaining lucidity again. Bizarre.

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