Wires and Water

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Wires and Water

Postby Peter » 17 Jan 2019 21:33

WB2B Lucid - Asked for the water to appear again
“wires and water”
Out walking with the kids in the Queenstown area, we are up on a plateau and is a nice fine day. A man is there, he is from the land and an old farmer and is friendly. We chat and look about at the view, I see experience and hardship in his face and eyes and wonder about his life. Its time to leave so we start to go back and on the way see an old house so go in for a look.. A few minutes later I realize the others have left and I am by myself so I look around for the door and the room has changed. There are now several doors to choose from. I try a few and they are all dead ends except for one so I enter and start to make my way down the stairs. Its very tight in the stairwell and the walls are packed with electrical wires, control boxes and levers. As I decent it gets tighter, there is a door to my left so I go through and the farmer is in there. I ask how to get out and he tells me to go down further as that wont hurt my ego, I am a bit puzzled with this comment but proceed to go back through the door and start to descend. Again the stairwell narrows to an uncomfortable size and is packed with wires and live electrical gear so I am very careful now. I can smell the hot charged air as I keep descending.
When I emerge into a big room it has a floor in front of me that is made of water, the room is a pond of flowing water and has stepping stones and wood pallets that lead to various electrical panels and workstations. It is a control room for a power station. I walk over to a panel and then a desk and am now on the other side of the room. The pallet I am standing on get shaky and I get they are floating and my balance is all that is keeping them stable and me afloat. I carefully make my way back to the other side of the room and am standing on concrete again. I leave.

Rest of dream is in a mall, outdoors, and the entrance to a subway with destination’s in an odd language so I don’t get on. I am in this dream so long and then think “am I dreaming” and reality test, now lucid I laugh at how I could have missed it, look around and then wake myself up.
I had incubated the desire to again be offered the water
I was in a non-threatening way with the stepping stones and so possibly the comment “wont hurt your ego” was related to this.
My SC must think I am a bit slow not getting all these hints after asking….
Roll on tomorrow, will try again.
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