My first lucid dream. (meeting a dream guide)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream. (meeting a dream guide)

Postby Intrepid » 29 Jun 2011 22:14

I'll start off by saying that this dream was the first, at least to my recollection, that was lucid. The morning I awoke from it, I felt compelled to write it down. At 11 years old, experiencing something so vivid and it being the first truly lucid dream up to that point, those of you who read this that have had profound dream experiences will fully understand.....I hope. =) 14 years later, and having lost the original writing I did after waking, it's still fresh in my mind. In fact, this particular dream, whether it translates well to others or not, was so amazing that it sparked the fascination with dreams that I have today.
Keep in mind that I was young and obviously handled my lucidity very different than I would now, particularly in regards to my guide, my interaction with her, and my thoughts afterwards. Hindsight can be frustrating!
I'll start off from the beginning point of lucidity. It was already morning in the real world, and I had just woken up from a previous dream. Laying in bed and staying completely relaxed, I drifted off to sleep right away.
I opened my eyes and was looking down a long, crudely-paved road. Behind me was a fence with vines growing on and around it, and beyond that was a dense forest. The road ahead seemed much more interesting, so I began to walk. The first thing I noticed was a field about twenty feet or so from the road on my left. Still walking, I began to hear shouting, screaming, and gunfire. Oddly enough, my first instinct was to ignore this and look to my right, but the sounds became more intense and so I stayed fixated on the field as I continued to slowly walk. Men dressed in WWI attire were shooting at each other from opposite ends of the field. Some had fallen from wounds while others battled hand-to-hand. This scene was making me anxious, but a barbed wire fence surrounded the field and the soldiers seemed oblivious to my presence on the other side.
I continued walking and pulled my gaze away from the left and saw that an entire dreamscape had formed during my watching the battle. Now parallel to the furthest corner of the fence that surrounded the battle, I turned to my right and saw that a beach had formed and was populated by numerous dream characters. Their bodies were human-like except for their heads, which were very bulbous and bright blue. Some were conversing, others were swimming or laying on the sand. The water looked like blue gatorade and was illuminated from beneath the surface somehow. The horizon out past the water's edge was not day time like the rest of the dreamscape. It was a very, very bright, star-lit twilight. The only comparison I could make would be to the scene at the end of Contact when Jodie Foster is talking to the image of her father. Clearly night time, but very bright and vivid.
The road was now littered with dc's walking to and from the battle scene(as observers only) and from other areas further down the road. They were human as far as I could determine, unlike the beach-dwellers, which were now interacting with the human dc's.
I was watching the newly-formed part of the dreamscape and the characters that had appeared, when out of a group standing on the road in front of me, a beautiful female who had been conversing with them turned and looked directly at me. At first, I became nervous, as, up to this point, the dream seemed to be playing out as a scripted event, and I had been ignored. I wasn't entirely lucid yet, but more of in limbo between completely lucid and suspicious that I might be dreaming. That feeling happens often in my dreams without becoming totally lucid. I couldn't look away from her, and her eyes remained fixed on me as she walked towards me. She was the epitome of what I consider beautiful. Dark brown hair hung down just past her shoulders. Her clothing was like those around her, but I had a strong feeling she was significant and not like the other dc's. As she came closer she smiled, and I felt myself smiling back. I was becoming more lucid. Probably queued by the sensation of feeling myself smile.
She spoke first. (I don't recall every word she said)
"Hello, Layne." she said.
"Hello." I replied, still smiling.
"You're dreaming." she said. (at this point I became completely lucid)
As my senses heightened and my awareness was complete, I was in awe at how truly amazing she looked, and how detailed the dreamscape was.
"Come here." she said. "I want to show you something."
She took my hand and we walked down the small sand dune that butted up to the road from the beach. I walked with her without hesitation. She was radiating what I can only describe as love. Everything about her seemed flawless, and I was certain I could trust her.
My right heel dug into the dune and the sand was so soft that I lost my footing and ended up falling into the sitting position. I paused for a moment and squeezed the sand between my toes. One of the blue-headed dc's had taken notice and when I looked up, she(assuming "she" from the anatomy) was looking down at me with curiosity, as if wondering why I'd fallen before walking past me. The girl, still holding my hand, assisted me in standing. I tried to tug her gently in the direction of the water because I wanted to badly to jump in. She giggled and said that we needed to see everything and that we had a lot to talk about.
Back on the road, we continued to hold hands and began talking. We walked very slowly and seemed to have been talking for an hour about both the dream and the real world. I knew that I had the power to do whatever I wanted, but I was too enthralled with her beauty and presence to pull away. Remembering the battle that had been carrying on and looked back towards it, but the field was empty. Only the fence remained.
Further beyond that field, on the left, was an abandoned construction site. I took little interest in it after noticing it being there. She was still leading me at this point, but only slightly. We were more of just strolling leisurely, talking and observing. Past the beach on the right side was a small, one-room, dilapidated wooden structure. She was leading me there.
I knew her intentions were physical, though I didn't know why. I felt ashamed that my mind had only constructed a wooden shed(basically) for something like that to take place. As if reading my mind, she told me that it was ok..that she knew who I was.
The details of that aren't important, but I will describe it as the only (concerning dream scenarios) and the most intimate(waking life or otherwise) experience I have ever had.
We both put our clothes back on and walked back to the road. None of the dc's had taken notice at our actions or absence.
The road came to an end at the edge of a wooden fence that surrounded a small house. The house was in bad shape and seemed to have shadows cast over it. A single tree sat between the fence and the house. Suddenly, I realized that the ending of the road was symbolic of the dream ending.
She began to walk towards the house without saying anything.
"I have to go now, but I'll come back to you. Don't wake up." she said.
I begged her not to go, and when she left me, I felt very insecure and frightened for some reason. There were dc's around, talking, walking, etc., but still ignoring me.
Honestly, in the moment, I didn't believe she would return. She did however, just a few moments later. We rejoined our hands and this time, I led her to the shed. =)
After the second encounter, she turned to me and told me that I had to leave, that I must wake up. I pleaded with her to talk to me some more, and professed that I didn't want to wake up.
She smiled at this and told me that I must.
"You're going to be late for school. she said.
As she spoke, I took notice that darkclouds were to blame for the shadows on the house, and they were very low. Maybe 20 feet up or so.
"Your brother is on his way here as we speak. Your parents are sending him to get you."
I remember that angering me, as I didn't get along with my brother and felt his presence would ruin the experience. Before I could think of anything else to say, he(my brother) descended from the clouds, surrounded by white light in a comical, sterotypical divine fashion.
"Layne, wake up, man. You've overslept. Mom and dad are raising hell right now. You can't miss school."
I looked back at the girl and she smirked as if saying "I told you so."
Realizing I was about to wake up, I turned to her and said that I wouldn't leave unless if I can visit her again. She kissed me on the lips and said...
"You will. I don't know when, but you will."
I grabbed my brother's hand and rose into the clouds. Waking up, I realized I had slept through my alarm and was late for school.

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