The Artic War

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The Artic War

Postby James » 19 Sep 2012 19:01

This is a copy of one of my posts from a thread in the begginers section, you should check it out to see the whole thing :D

The night before I had this (potential first lucid) dream, I was in my room and my mum has this annoying habit of turning the lights to the dimmest setting when I'm getting ready for bed, so I cant even see but this time it was turned down so that i could easily make out shapes, but not colors if that makes sense and I thought, is this what its like to be in a hazy lucid dream? So after a failed reality check I went to sleep.

The dream started off in my house and for some reason I knew I was dreaming, maybe the thought just spontaneously appeared in my head, but I noticed I was slightly taller than I am IWL (In waking life) which is fairly amazing for me as my head apparently cant tell that everyone walking on their hands under a green sky is weird. Usually when I have a dream I suddenly know and understand some sort of "dream background" as if I'm an actor acting a character who's suddenly come to life, even though its the start of a movie, the character already has some sort of past. For this dream I 'knew' that there was some sort of war going on between my area (street/country/planet?) against another.

The dream faded to black and then came back in my school, me learning that I had just walked that long 30min walk (me thanking my mind it didn't make me do it). I went to look for my friends and found them preparing for an attack, so I joined and was given a high tech gun. Now I decided to use my knowledge of being lucid so I muttered under my breath some words that sounded like a spell to me and all of our gear was upgraded, our armour suddenly turned into alienist black and gold armour and our guns the same, so me and my 7 other main friends all went out to the war site.

Again I had a dream fade to a new scene, a snowy forest in the mountains after a helicopter flight. I still remember the artic pine smell, it was quite something and reminded me of skiing through a forest when my mum hit a tree (sadly the poor tree was quite hurt and fell over). Before we knew it we were attacked by a group of masked enemies who really stood no chance against my upgraded gear ;). The 8 of us soon came across an abandoned, yet moving ski lift so we rode it up to the peak of the mountain. About half way up it, below us, we all heard a terrible crunching noise and to our horror there was a colossal avalanche that swept the ski lift clean from the ground with us in it. A piece of it spinned across the room like a shuriken, scratching my face. Right before impact/death I cast another spell to teleport us out, sucking us all into big yellow balls of energy.

The energy ball dropped me onto my bed, and surprisingly my girlfriend was in there with me. She pointed out that my face was scarred so I explained the mountain event to her. She just appeared shocked and out of nowhere kissed me, and we started to get a little bit more intimate b doinf things I’d rather not write on a non-age restricted forum:P, but just as things really started heating up one of my friends came through the door and was like James we need to go (this always happens to me in good dreams :() My friend took me out of the room and told me that there was a huge wave of enemies heading for us so I prepared for battle once again.

Just outside my house was about 10,000 enemies surrounding us, but we knew that I had my “freaky magic stuff that James does in desperate times” as I somehow recalled my friend put it (again the character background thing I get). Both sides charged and a battle raged on, us wiping them out easily but all of a sudden the whole dream turned pitch black, but I was still standing on a solid surface. I turned around to see one of the ‘enemies’ shoot me with his gun in my leg. At first I didn’t feel it, staring in shock at my leg with a hole through it wondering if this is how it was meant to feel, but all of a sudden the pain suddenly burst to life and absolutely (not literately) ripped me apart as I fell to the floor, to see the enemy remove his mask, showing that it was actually my brother. He did a weird sort of smirk and shot me again, this time I didn’t feel anything.

I woke up in my bed, what I now realise as a non-lucid false awakening but it wasn’t like how I wake up normally, it was still very dreamlike, not realistic in the way I’d put it. Instead of doing my daily routine I decided I wanted to go out for a bit to find one of my friends running at me with some sword of red and black spiky circle-swinging-chain-thing (don’t know its name). He chased me up my street to a curve in it where when he couldn’t see me I jumped under a tree, somehow he found me though. He spoke to me a bit and then smashed me over the head with it for me to wake up for real.
This was a really long dream, before it all happened I remember looking at my clock and seeing it 6am, falling asleep within 2mins. After the dream the clock read 7am, the whole thing empowered me to explain it all as best as I could in the 20mins I had before my alarm clock was due for school. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I liked it myself. :)
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