A Series of False Awakenings

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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A Series of False Awakenings

Postby Legended » 30 Oct 2012 14:35

In my dream my friend was driving me home. We where listening to music and talking. Nothing was out of the ordinary. He dropped me off across the street from my house at the liquor store. I was saying my goodbyes when out of nowhere this drunk lady started cussing at us. I got out of the car and tried to reason with her, but she was just drunk and continued talking shit. I just laughed and walked away. She got mad and started following me, but as soon as I crossed the street she stopped following me, but continued talking shit. She yelled for somebody to come and three children ran out of the liquor. I remember feeling bad for the children, but I went on my way.

As I continued walking to my house my other friend calls and tells me he is having a party at his house and that I should come down. I said, "Alrighty, see you when I see you". I went to my house and grabbed my skateboard and was on my way. I must of teleported without realizing cause I got there pretty quick. I was greeted with a beer upon arrival and my friend said we are almost out and he wanted me to go with him to the liquor to get more. I told him let finish this beer and we'll go. I was saying hi to everybody. Most of the people there where close friends.

I finished my beer and tore off the the cap which made a jagged edge stick up from the lip of the can. I tried pushing it down with my thumb and my thumb slipped and I ended up slitting my wrist. I was nervous cause I was bleeding a lot. I went to the sink and told my friend to help me out. He was in shock to see so much blood. He asked his sister for the first aid, but instead she came to examine my wound. She said, "Wow, that's deep". I looked down at it and I was still bleeding a whole lot. I said, "I must of hit a vein". I started to apply pressure as my friends sister went for the first aid. All she had was gauze and iodine. When I released pressure the blood had slowed down. She poured some iodine and covered it with gauze. My other friend wrapped a handkerchief around my wrist to hold the gauze in place. My friend said, " that should do. No more fucking around, lets go get the brew!" I turned around and there was a whole crowd of people watching in suspense. I passed by and was out the door.

My friend handed me my board and we skated off to the liquor. We passed by a school and there was students walking around. I told my friend why the hell are they in school right now. Its almost midnight. He agreed and said we should cut threw the school. So we skated as fast as we can threw students trying to avoid teachers. We heard some weird chants coming from a classroom. We got off our boards and looked threw the window to see what was going on. The teacher would say a sentence of random words then ask the students to repeat. They would repeat in a drunken slumber as if they where hypnotized. We walked away and I told my friend, "You don't think these kids are subject to mkultra?" A kid passing heard me and laughed. He walked in the class and told the teacher what I said. She didnt think it was funny and demanded to know were we where at. We took off.

We where looking for an exit when we heard the teacher on the intercom say we have intruders on campus. Don't let them out alive. We looked at each other like wtf?! My friend found an exiting door and pushed it open. I ran behind him when all of sudden I felt fatigue and as much as I tried I couldn't run. That is when I realized I was dreaming. I told myself I had to change the way I'm thinking to run faster. So I had a mini experiment to see what was the cause of fatigue. I erased the feeling of being chased and for a split second I was able to run normally, but when I told myself I was being chased I slowed down again. I heard somebody open the exit door and was catching up. As soon as felt he was right behind me I woke up.

When I woke up I was at my friend's house. everybody was crashed out on the floor. I looked at my wrist and I still had the handkerchief wrapped around it. There was three girls sitting on the couch. I asked them what happened in a gruffly voice. The words didn't come out right so they didn't understand me. I told them nevermind. I got up, leaped over a bunch of people sleeping on the floor, and walked to the bathroom. One of the girls followed behind me into the bathroom and closed the door. She started making out with me and as soon as it started getting good, I woke up again. This time I was on a roof top. I started to think I was dead. I told myself is this what death is. Just one big dream. I was expecting for something more or less, but nothing like a dream.

I was lost in thought when I woke up again. This time in my sister's room. I immediately started doing reality checks. I was looking for something out of the ordinary, but everything seemed fine. I looked at my hands and they looked normal. I went to the mirror and still everything was normal. So I thought nothing of it. I grabbed my guitar and started playing.

Then I woke up again, but this time for real. I couldn't be to sure so I did a few reality checks and I knew for sure that I was awake. I never had that many false awakenings that many times in one night. I had to share this with you guys before I forgot. Well I'm going back to bed. It's still early. Goodnight

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