Need some feedback

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Need some feedback

Postby nsdanie » 19 Nov 2012 19:35

Background: Never trained or tried to have lucid dreams, but usually have 2 or so a year randomly. Short ones that I normally wake up from. I'm a fairly serious meditator and have been picking up that practice much more recently.

Last night I had a dream - or a series of lucid dreams - that were much different in character than anything I've experienced before. After initially having a lot of trouble falling asleep the lucid dreams lasted about an hour and a half (with periodic wake-ups).

Other than length, it's difficult to describe exactly how this was so much different than any previous experience, but here are some things that might help point it out:

1. At some points, the dreams were not typical dreams - where it is as if it's me, the person I am in waking life. At these points, there was much less of an ego-connection this person I normally know myself to be. It was still there, but there was much more of an experience of the dream state itself. Lots of changing imagery and accompanying music - an entire creative landscape that my conscious mind could not possiblly unlock. Can't really describe that any better. But I've had some experience of that meditating too, especially when tired and the mind starts going on its own. Basically some kind of creative power beyond myself gets unlocked.

2. Similarly, there was much less sense of there being a dreamer at all. Typically in my short lucid dreams I become aware I - a sleeping person - am dreaming and its a bit of an obsession that I am now lucid - it characterizes the entire dream. Almost like the sleeping person is watching the dream. Here there was no such division. I was the person in the dream, to the extent there was a person at all. And yet I was still lucid. Again, hard to explain.

3. While talking to my girlfriend in the dream I was totally convinced that I was talking to her consciousness. I even told her to remember a certain number - 88 (she suggested 80 instead) - so we could confirm in real life. When I asked her today, those numbers, of course, meant nothing to her (had to try at least).

4. I woke up with an intense appreciation (for lack of a better word) for how powerful the mind is. Again, I've glimpsed this in meditation, but this really hammered home beyond mere concepts how powerful (and potentially dangerous and actually very frightening the mind is). It's something you can't really understand through words alone. Had I not had some experience with this already I think I would have been pretty freaked the F out.

Anyway, would love a little feedback. Has anyone had something like the above? Is this a common thing?

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