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Straight from the journal, straight from the mind.

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 17:21
by rising_sun_atl
As I mentioned in a previous post, this is the account that I took down after achieving a lucid state of mind. I woke and jotted this down as fast as I could till my hand seized up and could no longer hold the pen. Ladies and gentlemen, dreamers of all first lucid dream.

July 24th, 2012

It has been months since my last dream recollection and recording. I am inside my room. I have just woken up and risen to my feet, slowly getting out of bed. I open the door to the bedroom. The hallway walls once colored and decorated are now painted blank white. The floors once carpeted and warm are all made of wood as if just placed after construction. I walk around the corner and into the hall towards the stairs and living room. Standing at the top of the stairs between me and the living room is a white duck with a yellow beak. He reminds me of the Aflac duck, but doesn't speak as he waddles towards me. I am startled and head back into the bedroom.

There is less furniture than I remember when I walked out. I walk back into the hallway and move around the duck down the stairs. The living room is empty, no furniture. Only the freshly laid wood and the pale white walls. There is sunlight pouring in from my left into the room, lighting it up. The fireplace is still to the right of me where it usually is. When I walk towards it, a pig is found in the fireplace. He jots towards me, following me as I hurry back upstairs to the corner of the hall between my room and the living room.

I stand looking towards the living room confused and puzzled. Suddenly I come to a realization. I shout without hesitation "I'm dreaming!!" Instantly my vision becomes crystal clear. It is unbelievable how clear and real the room now appears, just like being awake. The grains in the wood planks on the floor are defined. The paint on the walls, which now that I see clearly, appears to have been laid not too long ago. I perform the two finger reality check. My fingers pass right through my other hand with NO resistance whatsoever! Almost like my hand is liquid and just absorbing my fingers. I am blown away, lost for words, but highly excited. I try to calm myself down. I head down the stairs towards where the kitchen is. Along the way I feel the walls. They feel so real!! It's as if I'm actually feeling them, their smooth but firm texture under my fingertips. I enter the kitchen.

Again there is none of the usual furniture except for the refrigerator, and it is a polished silver color instead of white. I stand before it and raise my hand to the surface of the door. I extend my hand forward and my fingertips and hand pass through the door with no resistance, like the reality check. Passing through objects feels and reminds me of The Matrix when Neo touches the mirror and it appears liquid-like. I am ecstatic with these tests and discoveries. I walk back across the living room, noting the warmth of the sun on my body in the room. I head upstairs where I see the duck and the pig talking in their own languages. I turn back towards the living room and feel myself becoming too excited and unfocused. Details of the normal home begin to reappear; the carpet in the hallway, the sofas and tables in the living room, the normal shade of paint. I feel my dream coming to an end so I walk to the sofa and sit down. Smiling, I close my eyes and allow myself to wake up.

--Feel free to read and comment as you see fit. Maybe offer some help on how to prolong and stretch it out the next time I have one. Also to have them more frequently at that, seeing as how right now they're far and sparse. I would love to have one once every other day or so at the least. They truly are stress relieving. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ;)

Re: Straight from the journal, straight from the mind.

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 17:31
by Tom.H
Wow! Congratulations on your first LD! I would love to give you some tips on how to prolong it, but I am still just a rookie so I leave that to the experts. :lol:
However I think having LDs will be easier for you now, now that you have experienced one for yourself. :)

Re: Straight from the journal, straight from the mind.

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 19:30
by rising_sun_atl
I agree. I mean that would only make sense. I wish there was an LD button. Lol.

Re: Straight from the journal, straight from the mind.

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 21:00
by LCDAnthony
^I hear that! Congratulations man. I'm still training for the experience. I love reading the stories. It gives me a little idea of what it is like, although it's still an empty concept to me.

Re: Straight from the journal, straight from the mind.

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 21:17
by rising_sun_atl
Are you keeping a dream journal? I started that and wrote down anything I remember no matter what it was. I think that helped alot. Also I experienced my first SP because of it. Everything helps.