Honey I Shrunk Myself

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Honey I Shrunk Myself

Postby Rebecca » 25 Apr 2011 09:34

Honey I Shrunk Myself - Feb, 2009

A while ago I recorded this really cool lucid dream involving my Sheltie puppy, Howard.

I'm in an indoor garden center, looking at different plants and flowers up close when I have the spontaneous realization that I must be dreaming. I say to myself "I'm lucid!" and examine the leaves on the plants to increase the clarity of my awareness. Although the leaves are normal-sized in my hand, somehow I am zoomed in at the same time, observing giant veins and rivulets. This gives me an idea...

I think about Howard and he comes trotting round the corner of a row of plants. Howard is a beautiful five-month old Sheltie, with tan fluff all over and a white patch on his chest. I want to play with him, but instead of taking him for a run, I have a better plan... I shrink myself down so I am about 10 inches tall and am sitting on Howard's back :D He moves off, slowly at first, and I feel like I am riding a big friendly mythical creature like Falcor from The Never Ending Story.

We ride around the garden center, which now appears forest-like from my new perspective. Then I decide that Howard can fly, and hold on tight to his neck fur... He takes off and flies towards the ceiling. Thinking we might crash, I notice a ceiling panel has been removed and we fly up into the ventilation system. About then I lose my lucidity, and Howard disappears... My dream continues as I move along with ceiling tunnels. It was short but sweet!

Howard at the time of my dream, such a cute little guy...!

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Re: Honey I Shrunk Myself

Postby Donna » 26 Apr 2011 08:29

He's beautiful and exudes happiness! Great dream.

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Re: Honey I Shrunk Myself

Postby magicdog93 » 13 Jun 2011 22:24

i tryed to do the same thing, but i made the dog bigger (it failed thouth) i love the pic of your pet dog
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Re: Honey I Shrunk Myself

Postby WolfieDreamer » 09 Jul 2011 13:57

Oh gosh that must have been awesome! :3 I'm still trying to produce lucidity but I can't wait until I do! (I'll have to remember not to get super excited. x3)
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