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Re: Time Travelling LD: Past and Future

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 19:53
by lucidinthe sky
taniaaust1 wrote: Ive asked very similar question of a DC once and found he didnt know anything basic history things either. I never thought that "his" time could of been way in future. Thanks your post has made me want to play around more with that.

I enjoyed reading your lucid dreams.

Glad you enjoyed reading it. DCs don't seem to know much of anything, despite the fact that they are supposedly parts of ourselves. Before my dreams each night, I am asking and imagining DCs that are: friendly, interesting and knowledgeable. Hopefully that will change things.

The dream seemed to be more of dream that was outside of time rather than one that was past or future. I was really trying to find out when we were, not where we were. Also been thinking about my analogy that I used with the one DC about us being in different time zones. That's interesting because it implies that everything is occuring at the same time only we are just at a different reference point. Still thinking about it.

mikeg313 wrote:So are they just dreams with no meanings( When I tell them, they don't come true), or are they warnings?(When i don't).

I often wonder that myself. I always pay attention to these things, but you can't become paranoid either. Maybe there is a lot information that's out there like radio waves. We can access it sometimes, but not on a predictable basis. Some of it may be scrambled. A lot of our dreams appear to be random, but who knows if some of them are picking up some of this information.