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Im not dreaming.. oh yes I are!!

Posted: 15 Feb 2013 06:37
by taniaaust1
This morning.. I missed the fully aware entry into the LD (im usually fine with that but must of lost a wee bit of lucidity very briefly).. anyway thought I'd share (cause Im bored right now).

Its morning and Ive woken up but Im still tired so I decide to do a WILD. Couldnt be bothered much with mantras today so didnt bother with that and just focused on wanting to LD and on the state needed for one...that relaxed deep state which comes in. I kept on thinking I'd go and get up as I was bored of laying there thou tired (so that thought must of triggered what happened next).

Im in my houses kitchen, sitting on the floor... my head leaning against my pantry... trying to WILD still. I decide to do addition of numbers as Im feeling sooo tired and think Im about to go mentally to sleep so that should prevent me from doing so. I suddenly realise at that point "What!! why are I on the floor doing this and not in my bed doing this? Full awareness hits. I must of lost it for a moment thou still had my LD goal going on the whole time. With full awareness unfortunately I start to loose this LD and are starting to feel my physical body on bed.

I decide to use movement to try to keep me in this dream as my dream sight wasnt good. I quickly get up off the floor to do some brisk walking. I only get 3 steps before I loose the dream completely.

I really need to work on maintaining my WILDs and think Im going to have to start using some other techniques other then walking to keep me in one (that's the second one Ive dropped out of in the past week when trying to maintain via walking... Im going to try the hand rubbing thing which Ive never done. I do think it would work better as it would be a more intense action).

Re: Im not dreaming.. oh yes I are!!

Posted: 15 Feb 2013 19:03
by lucidinthe sky
These kind of dreams are really weird where you are thinking about lucid dreaming, but you are actually doing it while in a dream.

I was working on a new idea for WILD, thinking about how I could take an object such as a pen, then take that and hold it you hand. See the pen in your hand. Then take the pen and write a report, see the report. The report goes into a file cabinet, see that. Then the file cabinet is in an office, etc. The whole thing was working really well and I thought this is great idea, I'll have to do this next time I WILD. But the whole thing was a dream and I didn't even know until after I woke up. Pretty crazy.