trying to analyse dream symbols while in the dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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trying to analyse dream symbols while in the dream

Postby mia » 03 Apr 2013 15:46

I have a recent lucid experience to share. This was from March 30th. I was dreaming that I was walking down a pier that was over water looking out toward the water and a sky. It was the scene from a lucid dream 'picture' I had seen online. I recognized that I had seen the scene online recently, which triggered my realization that it was a dream, and I became lucid. There were dream characters on the pier; people who were people I know as acquaintances in real life, but they looked different in their dream forms; I just knew who they were. So, being lucid, I said to a dream character :"Is there a reason the pier looks so short" ( While saying this I was thinking about dream symbols, and I was worried this might be a symbol for my own life length, as just very recently an acquaintance had died, at too young of an age, and my own mortality was somewhat on my mind. ) The dream character said "no" that they "didn't think so". I then looked at the sky, which turned dark and stormy. As I watched, I remembered a scene from a recent movie I had seen of Wuthering Heights with just such a sky. In the movie, it is an ominous premonition. So, being lucid, I thought I would change the sky. I closed my eyes and made motions with my hands to 'transform' the sky. I opened my eyes, but the sky didn't change. The dream characters laughed at me because I couldn't change the sky. I felt pissed off at them because I thought that it was MY dream and so they shouldn't be laughing at me. In the dream, I felt disappointed with the lack of control. Shortly after the dream fell apart and I woke up.

So there you go.
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