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First lucid, Marble Smoke

Posted: 03 Apr 2013 17:23
by DeltaV
My first lucid dream that I had last night. So goddang happy!

I was riding through some streets on my bicycle. As I go around a corner, I suddenly see smoke coming from the ground, as if a bomb had exploded there. The smoke was rather odd. It was brown, with lighter and darker shades of brown running over it in irregular stripes. It reminded me of those opaque marbles with colorful patterns. Plumes seperated itself from the main body of smoke, all pointing in the same direction. The smoke didn't move, however, and it might as well have been a rock mass. It also had frightened me; what would happen if I run into it?
Averting a potential nightmare, I chose stopping on the sidewalk over going into the smoke. Because the smoke was so out of place and a rather odd event, I decided to do a reality check. I stared down at my hands, nothing looked wrong. Until I noticed that the tips index and middle finger and the ring finger and pinky were oddly close to each other. I tried to move them away, which revealed that the fingers were sort of gooey and stuck to each other.
While an odd lump of flesh flowed back into my left pinky, I realized that I was lucid. I started grinning like mad, and kept on grinning, even as the dream slowly blurred and blacked out, waking me up.

Re: First lucid, Marble Smoke

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 00:13
by dreamworld777
Congrats! The first is usually short but no worries,it will improve as you continue ;) Happy Dreams!!

Re: First lucid, Marble Smoke

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 07:46
by taniaaust1
Congrats on your first LD :D . May you have many more.

Re: First lucid, Marble Smoke

Posted: 05 Apr 2013 03:29
by XperienceD
It is a typical DILD, and its a good start for you. DILDs and semi lucid dreams differs in that fade out scene.

You havent gone with the flow, you should have tried to prolongue dream scenery with motions ( spinning, rubbing, running..)