very weird first time lucid dream.

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very weird first time lucid dream.

Postby Strangefruits » 11 Sep 2011 14:49

Last night, i went to sleep with the biggest hangover I've had in a long time. Throughout the day i had been smoking some weed to cure the hangover a bit.

When i went to bed, and decided to it was time to sleep i just suddenly went into a dream like within 5 minutes or so. Then i woke up... or at least i thought so. i was still dreaming. When and i realized it, i woke up for real this time, and thought to myself that was kind of weird. I didn't seem to care much about it at the time, even tho iv'e been trying hard to have a lucid dreaming for a while.

Well, i went to sleep again but this time it happened again (i think?) and then suddenly i became really scared, like i was really going to shit my pants lol. i tried as hard as i could (in the dream) to run out into the kitchen but something was holding me back, and i was kind of "lagging"? it was like there was spirits
(i know!) in my room, and i was trying to get away from them. at this point i suddenly found myself walking on a wall, like kind of sideways. My dad was in the living room, laughing at me like a crazy person, it was kind of scary. Then suddenly i was on the floor again. At this point i realized it was a dream, so i looked at my hands, and they were gone? i couldn't see my hands at all? this freaked my really out, and i woke up, and tried to remember as much as possible.

(This is how I remember it, the dream, me waking up and everything.. It may not be exactly what happened but...)

So my question is, to all you experienced guys out there. what the **** happened? no really, i have not seen anyone describe there first time lucid dreaming like this, if it was a lucid dream after all.

ps. sorry for the bad english. (:

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