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lucid dream healing

Posted: 28 Dec 2011 05:49
by fistania
hi all,

i've been trying to become lucid to do lucid dream healing for my eyes. yup, to have perfect eyesight. i've at least tried 2 times but didn't work before this (and it failed inside the dream too). i don't really know if it work this time since i didn't see much different when i got up, but i have the feeling that maybe it will gradually improve. so here's my dream and why i share it:

i'm using WBTB method (actually trying to use WILD but i used lucid induction in the end). i experienced 2-3 false awakening and the last one i was in the mall and like "damn, that was a dream and i failed to figure it out as well!" than it occurred to me that there's also a big chance that i was still dreaming. i talked to a shopkeeper "i failed two times. this is a dream as well, isn't it?" the shopkeeper gave me a 'well you figured it out' smile. then i smiled back at her and walked to the escalator while rubbing my hand and said "yes! i'm lucid and the world is vivid!"

i decided to ask my subconscious what kind of method will work best for my eyes. i shouted at the escalator, "hey subconscious! …um… i know you're here (making sure there will be a respond). i want to heal my eyes, what method will work best for me?" (i actually said it 3 times, the first one was to "God" and i decided to change it, 2nd one was disrupted.) and then, a man appeared behind me "anything will work, you know!" he said with a large smile, "as long as it's commercial!" i replied, excitedly "you mean… any method i use will have give a result?" "yup! as long as it's commercial" "commercial…" i murmured, making sure i remember this when i woke up later. "yeah, you have to tell people about it!" he told me. "i got it, thanks! :D". (and here i am, sharing this dream) i don't really know why he said 'commercial'. english is not my language but he only said that one word in english. i still don't understand it. what should be commercial? my dream? my method? should i share this dream? should i heal others as well? or maybe he's referring for me to do a method that is 'commercial'?

anyway, i went to my sister's room, decided to use my usual method: using a spell to release an energy. i stood, i closed my hands tightly, inhaled, opened them, and shouted. "release my super healing energy to heal my eyes! i want to have perfect eyesight, release!" my hand glowed green, then red. i feel like i'm getting somewhere (the last dream i tried, a strawberry jam appeared on my hand -_-;). i tried again, a small, transparent, green circle manifested above my hand. it doesn't like 3D. i bring my hands to both side of my head so the green circle became a green line and touched my eyes. i felt an electrical feeling in my eyes. "yes!" then i do it again and again and again with different spell, sometimes i make it bigger, etc. until i thought "maybe just 2 more." after i finished, i continued my lucid dream.

so what do you guys think? about what that man said and about my method? have you tried lucid healing as well? what method do you use? :D

Re: lucid dream healing

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 19:05
by jamjam
I'm not sure this is possible (personally) but commercial might mean commerce. Maybe you have to buy a type of medicine while you're lucid dreaming...
Best wishes,

Re: lucid dream healing

Posted: 13 Jan 2012 17:35
by fistania
Hi thank your for your reply! Sorry i had been having final exams that i couldn't reply it sooner x_x

It's actually possible though, if you read Robbert Wagonner's book (Gateway To Innerself) he discuss it in 1 chapter about lucid healing. Though i haven't seen any improvement since that day (maybe because i was having too much eyestrain too from studying and using computer too much)

And thanks! I'll try it the next time i become lucid (hopefully tonight :p) and i'll ask my subconsious to be more precise as well, haha :D