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A lucid dream, what else do I say?

Posted: 06 Jan 2012 01:54
by kakes 411
(Woo 100th topic!)

Please don't TL;DR this, I think it's interesting, for my standards.

Alright, so here goes:

It was another one of those dreams you have after waking up a bunch and then saying "Alright, lets try a lucid dream" And so after I fell asleep, I was in this run-down building, on about the tenth floor. My mom and her friend is there, hoping to turn this into their new massage studio. And this building had a very realistic layout, like a real building. And very realistic damage. Windows missing, concrete walls, and I even vividly remember a panel from a wall laying in front of the hallway door. Anyway, my mom and her friend are their usual selves, mom checking out the building, her friend being her overly nice self, (You know, the kind of person who is so nice to you, it's weird?) And so I step over the panel and into the hallway. And somehow there is a black, early 2000-ish style pickup truck somehow parked halfway in and out of the building, being held up on the outside by some magical force or something, and after a few reality checks, (In witch things became VERY clear after focusing on them for a moment) I start running through walls without even knowing it. Turns out I wasn't even putting any effort into it! And so I know I am nearing the end of the building, and so I jump out, and land in the same building, but fixed. Everything has that sort of "fancy dentist's office" feel with the crown molding, and tile floors, and the wallpaper with different shades of brown and yellow-brown. I start looking for an old friend of mine. I walk into this room where a bunch of kindergartners are working on coloring or something. And so I say, "Is a Ryan in this room?" And everyone looks at me like I'm an angry parent about to yell at them. And so this little girl (With REALISTIC braids and a REALISTIC heavy coat) stands up and says, "Uhm... I'm R-Ryan." And she's so scared and I realize my friend isn't there, And I say, "He's not here, sorry." And I walk back into the hallway. I see a double door (Instead of single doors) and walk through it. I come into a restaurant area, and ask people if they've seen Ryan. They all say no, and that's when I notice a group of kids from my school who I don't particularly like staring at me. I say, "It's a Ryan from my street! Man, why you guys got to stare at me like that all the time, gosh..." And walk away. I walk into this room, and it is very Minecrafty-like. I walk out and then I'm in a clearing in a Minecraft forest. I look around, and still things are VERY realistic. It's weird though, I hadn't played minecraft in a while... Anyway, I see a player dressed in silver armor, and I say, "Hello?" She looks over at me, and her head turns into a skull with half of it on fire and screams, like she's scared. Even though my lucidity is almost gone, I am not afraid. As soon as she screams, I wake up not seeing anything, wiggle my toes, and that concludes my lucid dream, and my sleep paralysis.

Re: A lucid dream, what else do I say?

Posted: 06 Jan 2012 03:06
by Peter
cool, keep posting and great to have you on this site


Re: A lucid dream, what else do I say?

Posted: 06 Jan 2012 06:15
by lucidinthe sky
Sounds like a great LD with plenty of detail and probably lasted a while too.

Re: A lucid dream, what else do I say?

Posted: 07 Jan 2012 05:15
by kakes 411
@Peter Yay, I'm liked!

@lucidinthe sky Not very long, actually...