What's Your Weirdest Lucid Dream Experience Ever?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: What's Your Weirdest Lucid Dream Experience Ever?

Postby megabjarne » 29 Jan 2012 18:32

Once i had a really strange dream,
Me and my dad was going on a tennis tournament (i dont even play tennis) but we went in a churc and they said the tournament is in there, but then i thougt 'what if the churc burnt down?' Then eweryone evacuated the building bechause the churc was on fire. So it was decided we were going to play utside, but then i tought 'how woud it fell to become a zombie?' And suddenly, you guessed it, i started screaming. The next thing i remember is standing by a dock, with a giant magnet above me, hanging from a crane controlled by a man, it seems like zombism can be cured :P it was a long dream, where i and my brother made a fleet, and set out, sometimes coming back to gather food. And suddenly, when we were scavenging for food, i and my brother got set a part. Therefore i set out, trying to find a submarine i coud use to get to a ship, far out in the ocean where my brother and survivors lived safely. I got the submarine (it fitted in my hand) but i was trapped in a building by zombies, unable to reach the water, except that the corridors had half a inch of water on the floor.
This was a weird, but good dream in my opinion, but i guess you need to see it to understand what was nice about the experience.
I also had a dream where a werewolf was outside the window, so went out the door and flew up in a tree and jumped from tree to tree, then i got married with a girl younger than me, and later the same day i got a devorce.
(sorry for my bad english, i am norwegian)

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