I'm Having The Same Nightmare

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I'm Having The Same Nightmare

Postby Jupiter7 » 17 Sep 2018 16:31

I'm just someone who wants to share my lucid dream experience, i would like to get a feedback to know how its different than yours.
I have been having constant nightmares since i was 8 years old until 14 years old, that's when i started to listen to lucid dreaming music before i went to sleep, which made me have even more nightmares than before, i couldn't go to sleep because of it.
But as time went by i started to get full control over my dream world,and now in my twenties i can do what ever i want in my dream, i can create, change an entire scenery in less than a second.
I'm completely aware that this is a dream, i got all the control in my hands, i don't even have to be in the dream i can just be the voice who controls everything,create any life that i want- its like I'm time&space.
but the nightmares haven't stopped, they still appear the only advantage that i get is i can change them to whatever i want

now that you have read my story, i would like to know is that how it is to all lucid dreamers out there?

If you wonder, i do remember most of my dreams including the nightmares too.
Is there a way to stop the nightmares from coming back?

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