Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

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Re: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

Postby Melibee2213 » 06 Feb 2019 23:23

:shock: Wow,I am so so so glad I finally found someone that has the EXACT SAME THING AS ME!! I have always found information on sleep paralysis and that was always half my problem but never the entire issue! Then I found information on exploding head syndrome and that sounded sort of like half my problem. Then night terrors sound a little sort of but not really lol Then I came across your story and WHAM! Yours is exactly like mine! I have been getting these since 2002 and what started them was a very stressful and very emotional part in my life. Since then I have had them on and off through the years. I have learned to try and just go with them when I read that it could be me trying to get to perform astral projection but I never could reach full lift off sort of speak plus it physically (loud vibrations) would take a tole on my body. It’s hard to explain that to someone that has never had them but they are painful in a way that not usual. It’s just very uncomfortable and not something you wish to be going through for long! Plus when you fight being Paralyzed that in its self is painfully tiring and difficulty! Like that ride at the fair “Gravatron” spins so fast you stick to it and you always try and move and arm or leg off of it but the gravity pulls you back. But when your in a sleep paralysis state as long as you can move something enough it can wake you out of it, at least for me that’s the case. Anyway also I can most of the time feel when I am going to have these during the day. And it happens a lot when I fall asleep on my back. During the day or early that night I feel the vibration and sounds in one ear usually. Anyway if you find out any more info please post or message me. Thanks

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