Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

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Re: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

Postby Melibee2213 » 06 Feb 2019 23:23

:shock: Wow,I am so so so glad I finally found someone that has the EXACT SAME THING AS ME!! I have always found information on sleep paralysis and that was always half my problem but never the entire issue! Then I found information on exploding head syndrome and that sounded sort of like half my problem. Then night terrors sound a little sort of but not really lol Then I came across your story and WHAM! Yours is exactly like mine! I have been getting these since 2002 and what started them was a very stressful and very emotional part in my life. Since then I have had them on and off through the years. I have learned to try and just go with them when I read that it could be me trying to get to perform astral projection but I never could reach full lift off sort of speak plus it physically (loud vibrations) would take a tole on my body. It’s hard to explain that to someone that has never had them but they are painful in a way that not usual. It’s just very uncomfortable and not something you wish to be going through for long! Plus when you fight being Paralyzed that in its self is painfully tiring and difficulty! Like that ride at the fair “Gravatron” spins so fast you stick to it and you always try and move and arm or leg off of it but the gravity pulls you back. But when your in a sleep paralysis state as long as you can move something enough it can wake you out of it, at least for me that’s the case. Anyway also I can most of the time feel when I am going to have these during the day. And it happens a lot when I fall asleep on my back. During the day or early that night I feel the vibration and sounds in one ear usually. Anyway if you find out any more info please post or message me. Thanks

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Re: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

Postby PHAZING-REALITY » 26 Mar 2019 04:23

Hmm, it seems like these boards are more like messages left for traveler such as my self rather than topics of discussion. You're all experiencing the same thing I am (in varying degrees)... I find it so interesting that we are all experiencing very similar things without prior discussion. Here's what I think about the matter: I think that what we are all experiencing is one of two things: either we have a very elusive sleep disorder that has yet to be discovered OR we all have what I believe to be a gift and one of the highest forms of whatever this is... I've been having LD's since I can remember but I didn't realize it was LD and that normal people couldn't control their dreams or remember them as descriptively as I could until about 16 years of age. As I hit my 20's the sleep paralysis started and got very bad, very quickly. I personally believe the two phenomenon are closely linked. I feel like what ever this is that causes this to occur is like a muscle and the more you work it, the more your abilities progress. I myself very regularly experience the violent brain zapping buzzing, the defining ringing in the ears (mine lasts long after I've woken up, usually an hour or two, I think this is a form of brain exhaustion, I've had 3 OBE's (I chose to do it 2 out of the three times, but being honest I never left my body for more than a minute or two. I fear getting severed from my body and ending up comatose or worse finding an astral being that isn't friendly, If you've seen the visions I have during sleep paralysis, you'd understand why. Sure they might just be hallucinations of my own mind but I don't think so. Everyone who've I've talked to that's seen "them" describes the exact same beings and most are not friendly especially the tall, slender ones. I've had 3 or 4 run ins with "them" but every time I've been in the safety of my body which I don't think they can interact with. Some one else described "pixels" in their vision during the buzz phase. This in my opinion is a sign you have a strong gift, they aren't pixels, if you focus on them they are actually very low resolution images and I believe there is some significance to them but I haven't been able to tell what they are pictures of yet because it seems to happen randomly. Also as you get "stronger" you will start to hear a sound that accompanies the buzzing, you have to focus when your're in the "in-between" (half asleep, half awake, in full sleep paralysis, this is when I believe you have access to your astral form) you have to know how to focus your mind intensely to achieve this, as you focus the buzzing, shaking and ringing will go to volumes that you never thought possible. The focus during this time should be to "gathering the energy around you" it requires you to be calm and in control so if you're still a rookie that gets terrified during sleep paralysis, it's not going to work. (foot note: I think the buzzing is your astral form "shuttering" because you are causing a disturbance in the link between it and your physical body which is how the separation can occur) Now if you do the gathering correctly and don't get afraid and stop you will begin to hear the sound. It sound very similar to the hum a crystal wine glass makes when someone is running their finger on the place where you put your lips to drink (google a video of this sound so you know what to be listening for) once you hear the sound you are free to leave your body but I never do. I am still experimenting with this state. If you focus on pushing this energy out of you hand, you will literally feel force exiting your body from the chosen area. It feels similar to when you try to force two magnets together only its you hand pushing away from the energy expulsion. Keep in mind this is occurring through astral form, not your physical form so its not like you will develop telekinesis and say if your wife is next to you reading, she's not going to see anything. I'm trying to weaponize this power before leaving my body so I have a way to defend myself. Trust me, I know I sound like a nut job but I'm telling you it will work. You have to be very open minded to get farther then the first phase. Comment back and let me know what you guys think or if any of you have experienced what I'm talking about.

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Re: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

Postby Vega » 21 Apr 2019 15:24

Hi people. Its great to see this forum topic has been open for many years and only few have posted with their experiences. Which is good because I was most certainly making a visit to seek help and advice regarding the vibrations, ringing and paralysis which is identical to the initial post on this forum.

My background. I am British 26 year old male & non religious (stating this before you think I’m bonkers), I work full time as a builder, don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t do drugs.

I myself have been experiencing sleep paralysis from a young teenager 14/15. My first experience was a OBE ( out of body experience) where I left my body and sat up in my bedroom to be confronted by the notorious scream horror mark ,that ghostly face with a wide mouth which screamed very very very loud in my face and then I woke up. The experience was only a matter of a few minutes long but I’m sure the scream mask only appeared as soon as I panicked to what was happening to me at that very time. A moment of shock. Anyhow.

I would get sleep paralysis 3/4 time a night. Mostly when I disturb my REM sleep which of course is not having a healthy sleeping pattern. I myself would then go a month or 2 without having sleep paralysis and then it would re appear again.

After researching sleep paralysis a number of years back, I decided to start practicing Lucid Dreaming. And I succeeded. 5 minutes before falling to sleep I would tell myself to mentally wake up in my sleep whilst my physical body was resting (sleep paralysis). Once I knew I was paralysed during sleep (the only control I had was my breathing rate and thoughts) I would then attempt the Lucid Dreaming. Great stuff I must say.

Anyhow to cut the long story short.

I have always had sleep paralysis over the years but I sleep beside my girlfriend and I would trigger a fast breathing rate and this would wake her and she would wake me up. Cool. No more sleep paralysis.

Today I was on a flight for a holiday. I woke up early hours of the morning to get to the airport. Mid flight I fell asleep. And then came the paralysis sleep. But I wanted to be awake not paralysed on a plane in the sky. I had control of my eyes my left leg and very little vocal. All my other body would suffer the 10x it’s weight feeling. I opened my eyes and could see what was happening, I banged my right knee repeatedly against the seat in front (I was on the aisle) and breathed fast.

But then my eyesight just went all white, my body started to vibrate like the guitar string comment, the ringing in my ears was unbearable and my breathing stopped, for the best part of 10 seconds. Then I fell back in to sleep paralysis for 20 seconds and then my body did the same vibrating, ear ringing, white vision which occurred for the first time in my life a moment before.

I am very glad to hear other people have had this identical event happen. But it’s very strange that they say between 10% and 30% of the world population have sleep paralysis yet I only hear from you guys regarding this abnormal event. I before reading this forum was going to seek help when returning home but now I will practice on this strange state and see what comes of it. If I end up in a coma, you guys are to blame lol.

For all the new readers I would say don’t panic if you get the same issue as mentioned above. Control the situation by maintaining a low breathing rate and not panicking and don’t forget to share your experience. It’s kind of cool.

It would be cool if this was some spiritual event we encounter but as I say I am not religious so please don’t insist I am at one with ‘god’

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