Tips on falling asleep faster?

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Re: Tips on falling asleep faster?

Postby msnmsn » 15 Mar 2018 06:49

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Choosing the right bed or bed is one of the first principles in providing comfortable sleep.

- Try to use bed linen of cotton or cotton, for bedding. Especially if you have difficulty sleeping in the summer, bedding, pillowcase and cotton swaddling are the most natural and most appropriate bedding necessities.

- Try to use large pillows for sleeping. Choosing the big pillow will cover all areas of the head and fill the head when we roll. The soft pillow does not damage the neck and back area.

- It is best to change your head over the pillow several times overnight to increase the quality of the pillow.

- In order to have comfortable sleep, it is necessary to ventilate the bedroom. The temperature of the bedroom should be close to the human body temperature. It is not advisable to use a cooler on warm summer nights, but it's better to open the bedroom window and use a fan to move the air.

Also, on cold winter nights, it's best to use a warmer room that does not heat up much of the room.

- Do not drink caffeinated drinks before bed, because caffeine boosts your blood pressure and gives you a feeling of warmth and disturbs your sleep.
In hot seasons, heaters are advised to shower before bedtime and keep their hair moist so that the moisture remaining between the hair keeps the body cool during sleep.

- Avoid taking a high-fat meal that contains fat, sugar, and carbohydrates in your supper dinner. Digestion of this category of food prevents sleep.

It also avoided the use of spicy foods in the evening meal. It is advisable to use light and light dishes at your dinner.

If the amount of dinner is too high, digestion will prolong and increase body temperature, so that the person wakes up at half past night.

Removing your supper is not appropriate, because the empty stomach will make you sleep.

- It is recommended that bed linen be used before bedtime to keep the body temperature balanced.

Wear sleeping bags of short sleeves on the summer nights keeps body temperature down and makes it easier for the body to exchange air. Wearing any socks when sleeping this season should be avoided.

Also, wearing long-sleeved pajamas and using socks in cold seasons is recommended (if the room's air is cold).

- Using a hat for sleep on winter nights helps prevent colds.

In hot seasons, heaters are advised to shower before bedtime and keep their hair moist so that the moisture remaining between the hair keeps the body cool during sleep.

Of course, with wet hair, it should not be exposed to direct coolants such as coolers, because they cause colds.

- At hot summer nights, put some cool water near your bed so that you can drink it whenever you wake up to reduce your body temperature. Be sure to cover the glass of water to prevent any pathogens from entering it.

- It is advisable to lower your physical activity at least one hour before bedtime to keep your body temperature up.

- If you feel cold during the cold winter nights, in spite of the use of heat pumps in the bedroom, you are advised to have confidence in the windows and doors. It is best to use a door and window seals. The sealant prevents cold air from entering the room and keeps the air inside the room warm.

- Do not use sharp colors for the bedroom, as it prevents easy sleep. Choosing simple, gentle and relaxing colors can be an important step for ease of sleep.

- If you continue to feel sleepless after using the above routes, stop taking hypnotics immediately and do not take them physically without medication, as the complications of these medications may be worse than sleeplessness.
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Re: Tips on falling asleep faster?

Postby LDer Charles » 29 Apr 2018 10:20

Well thanks everyone for all the replies. I relate a lot to all the things and thought processes here. I think sleeping should be easy and natural. The reason it doesn't work is PTSD. most of us probably have severe PTSD from violent hospital birth, media exposure to violence and other child hood trauma. There isn't an easy answer to that. This world is a crappy matrix, and there isn't much hope in it. I wish I could sleep better but I just can't.

I tried everything and still I get sleep problems. I even tried not trying!

So now I just gave up and came on the computer to participate in insomnia type of threads. At least this way I'm not alone. But I don't expect any solutions any more.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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