Frozen Screen in Lucid Dream

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Frozen Screen in Lucid Dream

Postby BiConscious » 23 Nov 2014 13:42

Hello everyone, my first post here :)
Today I had a very strange experience and I want to share it with you, also I will be glad if I get any advice or smth.
I was having just a dream, which was with amazingly high quality, and suddenly I realized that it was a dream. after few seconds dream stopped and I moved to sleep paralysis state, The dream just paused, like when you pause the movie, at this time I felt little fear and tried to wake up, then Image got a little smaller, I was observing what was happening and I tried to continue dreaming, but after several tried with no success I decided to woke up.
I was very sleepy and then I tried to sleep several times, but each time I tried I was constantly starting it with sleep paralysis with strange vibrations. but I couldn't able to sleep after that at all. I hope at night I will be enough tired to sleep well, otherwise I don't know what to do.
Thanks for attention.

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