REM rebound? spiders?

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REM rebound? spiders?

Postby deric23 » 01 Feb 2015 17:44

I was about to get out of bed the other morning when looking up at the ceiling-the room was dim lit-was this huge spider like nearly a foot across. Not just a fuzzy thing but quite defined. It was moving back and forth. This has happened to me once before. I wasn't afraid as I was certain it was a hallucination. Even so I grabbed the flashlight and sure enough there was nothing there. I had been taking a pain scrip since some recent surgery. In addition I had a few drinks before bed and as is known that will prevent REM sleep-until the next morning when you get a rem rebound and try to catch up. But I felt sure I was wide awake when I saw this spider. It was more fascinating than anything.

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