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Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 09:08
by Miguelinileugim
Well, since I was a child I have always slept with a light.

The problem is that I'm very prone to lucid dreams*, but I always wake up everytime I have one of them because of fear (actual, potential or maybe a mild case of phobophobia).

Also, I fear darkness; so, imagine my actual problem to sleep without light.

I'm not particularlly interested in lucid dreaming (although it's pretty interesting); but I'm interested in overcome fears and increase my quality of sleep (and reduce it's time).

So, if you have useful tricks for prevent nightmares, please help me.

*Maybe not too much, but three months ago I took a 30 minutes nap and I dreamed, but later I read in the internet the trick of "see if you have 5 fingers in your hand, if you have 4 or 6 you're dreaming" because I wanted to have lucid dreams; however, I read other things that got me scared for three nights (in descendending intensity) and a lot of raw material for nightmares; I think the author was a little negligent, here's the page:
After that I just stopped taking naps, and I stopped to try to have lucid dreams. That paragraph is not the cause I can't sleep without light, just a trigger.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 09:24
by Peter
look at some of the facts that may be present, you have nightmares and they are scary but have they ever done anymore than that.

Most of the world sleeps in the dark and wakes up the next morning so its not a big deal and if someone were to switch off the light after you went to sleep you most likely would not know.

All I can really say is face up to the fears and at the other end make sure you sleeping space is right for good restfull sleep, be aware of any meds you maybe taking and coffee or other stimulants that may effect your sleep.

Best of luck

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 17:36
by Miguelinileugim
Thanks Peter for your reply.

1.-Although the nightmares won't kill you, that don't makes them less scary.

2.-The difference between lights on and off means that if the lights are on; it will be harder to sleep and I will only start sleeping when I'm too tired to dream anything.

3.-This is maybe the point. I don't think that high temperatures have any effect, but I drink 1-2 coffee cups every day, also I have 14 years; maybe that can increase the effect of coffee.

P.D: Thanks again.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 23 Jun 2012 07:35
by Peter
I had plent of horrid nightmares when I was younger and taking control of them by breaking fear was the start of lucid dreaming at a young age.

Question - if you go to sleep in the afternoon and fall asleep in a natural way do you get nightmares or bad dreams

Thought - in going to bed and not sleeping till you are exhausted and because of the light doing this you are most likely getting a condensed type of sleep that is causing a massive REM rebound and therefore vivd and scary dreams.

Try sleeping with a very small light like one on a cell charger in the corner of the room. You will see it if you wake up and can take comfort from this and it will not be bright enough to keep you up till exhaustion puts you to sleep.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 23 Jun 2012 10:02
by Miguelinileugim
Thanks Peter (again) for your reply.

Answer-->I haven't got absolutely any nightmare the, I guess, 14, 15 or 16 I took naps; and one (happy and not scary) lucid dream (I had a weaker light than when I go to sleep at night).

Counter-Thought-->More than exhausted, I say sleepy; so I can't be conscious enough to dream. I usually spend 30 to 60 minutes to sleep (unless the temperature is too high).

Counter-Advice-->I'll try this night, however I don't know if I have a light weak enough.

P.D: I'll tell you how I slept 24h later, thanks again.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 23 Jun 2012 10:07
by Peter
keen to see if you can beat this and it could get you into some great lucid dreams soon

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 09:52
by Miguelinileugim
Peter wrote:keen to see if you can beat this and it could get you into some great lucid dreams soon

1.-I couldn't get a not-so-powerful light. I think I may have exaggerated a little, when I said "it will be harder to sleep and I will only start sleeping when I'm too tired to dream anything". I mention a normal indirect light from a fluorescent lamp, not a direct enormous blinding light.

2.-The problem, I think, is all about fear. When there's light I have no fear, but with darkness I just fear everything.

P.D:Thanks again for your reply.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 23 Aug 2012 01:13
by Jack Reacher
I have a friend who gets lucid dreams a lot but is also afraid to have them as he gets very vivid nightmares that he cant control, that last a long time. He now smokes weed a lot and im wondering if its to stop the dreams, so I would be interested in your progress.

The way I see it is try and master control in your dreams, know its possible to gain control. Heres something for you to try out, next time you are getting chased in a vivid lucid dream (you know its a dream) try and just stay still and see what the pursuer does. in my experience, and from what I hear from others experiences, the pursuer will not reach you and will most likely turn around. I think the simple act of stopping and facing them is enough to make them stop as its a boost of confidence.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 03:47
by SarahDank
I'm personally scared of the night time OUTSIDE. And I have had very bad nightmares non stop for a few years now, that do include it being night time. - I suffered from ptsd. And these nightmares where from this. I could never control them, to the point of not being able to get out of them.
(this is one of the main reasons i decided to sign up to this forum, to try and find an answer, or something that would help me.)

I was not sucsessful on finding an exact answer on here, but in reply to what Jack has said, ever since i signed up to this forum, i have been smoking weed more regulary, and i can tell you this, my nightmares are now almost gone, - BUT I do get rest, (finally) yes, it may not be the best way, but this is not my excuse to smoking, as i do ejoy it alot.
I have recently found information to the link of weed helping Ptsd nightmares, and would like to think im one of the lucky ones who can now NOT be scared of dreaming.

I am not at all telling you to try weed. This is just my experience. As I was in a very bad place when I did not get my rest, and all that would happen was Nightmares, and that then turned me off wanting to sleep. Ever.

Good luck trying to find out a way to reduce nightmares - please post if you do find a way.

Re: Potential nightmares (Explanation inside)

Posted: 04 Nov 2012 23:35
by emeraldyeslter
Oh, my gosh. I completely hear and understand you.
I used to be and sometimes still am scared to fall asleep at night. Scared
of the twisted faces and dark figures that haunt me at night. Freddie Cougar,
the Woman in Black, and a figure I'd rather not mention as for that she is part
of my own imagination, are among the most frightening things to experience at
There is a solution.
I promise.
Sleeping alone scares me . . . hearing no breath but your own, alone in the thick
darkness which you are so scared hide something terrifying. Before I give you my solution,
though, pay heed to this.
No one is scared of the dark. They are scared of what they will find in it. No one is scared
of water. They are scared of drowning. No one is scared of heights. They are scared they will
fall from them.
My solution which helped me the most is this: I have a companion now. And it isn't a human
Rabi, my tiny black fluffy rabbit, sleeps in a cage close to my bed. Even if it's pitch black in the
room, I'm not scared because I can hear her there, snuffling around and making cute little noises.
If I'm having a nightmare, I cling to those sounds. I cling to her reality. And, I don't know if you are
the religious type, but God helped me.
"God, please . . . banish the nightmares that follow me," I whispered one night at a youth service,
and that night the nightmares stopped. A couple weeks later, Rabi came along. You would be surprised at
what He can do for you.
I hope this helps. I really do . . . let me know.