Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

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Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

Postby Grapefruit » 03 Jul 2017 03:56

I've been lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember but in the past year I've gotten them more often than usual and not in a good way

My typical lucid nightmare goes like this. I 'wake up' and I'm in my bed and suddenly I get an intense fear and I start to realise that I'm dreaming and that while I'm this afraid everything I think of will be scary and those things will happen in the dream. This makes me so much more afraid and I lie in bed in fear for a long time until scary things happen or I decide I need to go out and face whatever is out there and then after I do that I 'wake up' in my bed again and it all repeats itself. I'm not certain but I have a feeling this happens almost every night. I know for fact it happens at least twice a week because I wake up from it about that much but sometimes I don't wake up from it.

Every time it happens I know exactly what's going to happen next. Sometimes hours of intense fear and dread. These dreams are always much much more intense than daily life. I don't know if I've ever gone through anything as intense and as scary as some of them. And before you tell me to I tried to face the fears at a certain point and nothing came of it. I would run out into my hallway and scream 'what do you want' 'why is this happening' and I'd usually just 'wake up' again. Once as I was screaming I turned a corner in my hallway and a man grabbed me and lifting me up by the neck and then I actually woke up.

This is leading to psychological issues and existential crises. Like, if I go out and get drunk and then the next morning I think about it. I don't remember all of it, it's a little bit blurry but I know I was having fun. I can say the same thing for nightmares but in the other direction. But they happen almost every night and are much more intensely scary than drunken nights are fun.

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone has any help or advice to try stop all of this I'm getting so sick of it it's been happening for about a year somewhat on and off. Last night every time I would 'wake up' I would try to turn on my lamp but it wouldn't work and then all these police officers appeared around my room but they wouldn't talk to me and eventually I got so sick of it I just stuck the finger up to them.

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Re: Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

Postby HunterClash » 03 Aug 2017 11:03

Hi, there! I am just going to say one thing that is probably so obvious, and it is the fact that nightmares will not hurt you in any way. Also, if you lucid dream and the dream is that you are in your bed, know, that if you see something nightmarish, be like the creature in Harry Potter(Boggart I think it is called), think of something funny. If not, close your eyes, and say out loud, "WHEN I OPEN MY EYES, I WILL BE IN A GRASSY FIELD WHERE I CAN FLY DURING THE DAY!". Imagine a sunny cloudless day in a field! You can do anything! But if you get a false awakening, and realize that you are dreaming, again, you are lucky! Do more fun stuff! Hope this helps!
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Re: Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

Postby LDer Charles » 03 Feb 2018 19:38

I have heard in some places that if someone has too much childhood trauma or other issues then just lucid dreaming isn't really enough inside of them and they might need to seek outside help which there is a lot of out there and i've been seeking help for my childhood trauma and other issues for about 4 or 5 years now and my dreams are a lot, but I still get nightmares occasionally and I can tell it's pointing me to get some help with some other trauma

Asking for help here is a good start and I hope all the resources for healing come to you in the proper time space and sequence
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Re: Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

Postby RedKryptonite » 04 Feb 2018 11:19

Daniel Love,one of the most respected authors in the field of lucid dreaming,started his journey at a very young age(I think it was 5-8 yrs old)in order to stop his nightmares. Next time you find yourself in a scary situation,do a reality check(nose pinch or looking at your watch)and once you've confirmed you're in a dream,know that the nightmares can't hurt you and you have the power to will them away.

If you're willing to make this effort,you could also attend a high quality self-defense program. You should do your own research(as not all self-defense/martial art programs are legit,sadly)but names I could give; Rory Miller,Wim Demeere,Marc Macyoung,Iain Abernethy.

This is advice I gave to previous people with similar problems. learning how to effectively defend yourself might be the key to giving you enough self-confidence to overcome your nightmares and lucid dream effectively. good luck.

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Re: Serious recurring lucid nightmare and FA issue

Postby JAD » 22 Apr 2018 13:43

I could be wrong, but if you are"waking up" in your bed then it is probably astral projection and you're in the astral realm, a dangerous place. If I were you I'd go to church and get prayed for. Sometimes evil entities attach themselves to astral travelers. Since I know nothing about you, I could be way off, but that's my sincere opinion. If you really want the experiences to stop you'll try things you never thought you would.

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