Exploding Head Syndrome

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Exploding Head Syndrome

Postby Toni-Anita » 11 Dec 2017 10:29

Does anyone have this? It is driving me MAD! I first encountered it when I was trying to wean myself off of a drug called Gabapentin, but now it just seems to surface when I am very tired but I can't sleep. Overtired I guess. I will start drifting towards sleep and then hear this thumping noise, which can either sound like my neighbour is banging nails in the wall (which is what I actually thought it was the first time it happened), to sounding like its coming from downstairs or a crash just behind my head. It is so realistic and what fascinates me is that it doesnt "disappear" as soon as you are awake, it kind of fades away as if maybe, just maybe....it could be real. In the early hours of the morning, I had it during a lucid episode and I was really pissed off because it ruined it.
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Re: Exploding Head Syndrome

Postby jasmine2 » 13 Dec 2017 02:22

The following resources may be helpful.

(1) - Article - "Gabapentin Withdrawal" - recovery.org - by Cassandra Keuma

(2) Article - "High-Tech Lights To Help Baby Sleep, or Students Stay Awake" - nytimes.com

(3) - Sleepy Baby Sleep Enhancing LED Nursery Light
Vendors - Amazon, Houzz.com, Jet.com, Lighting Science Group
I have benefited from using use this bulb in an second bedside lamp for a while before I go to sleep.
The bulb blocks blue light. It has a warm yellow-orange glow, like a campfire.
I use it with a Luron brand plug-in lamp dimmer. - I sometimes need to fiddle a bit with the slide adjuster to avoid light flicker.

(4) - CD - "Super Sleep" - The Monroe Institute - monroeinstitute.org
(no music or voice) - Hemi-Syc - Delta brainwave sleep frequency plus other subtle sounds - very soothing - like gentle wind
Use with stereo head phones or room speakers.

(5) Website - healthjourneys.com
- audio library CD or MP3
I suggest titles -
- "Relieve Stress"
- "Healthful Sleep"
- "Healing Trauma"
- Click on - Sample audio
Also, on Home page, see - Guided imagery 101

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