Horrifying Reccuring Nightmare-Please Help

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Horrifying Reccuring Nightmare-Please Help

Postby ifalltoashes » 30 Dec 2017 04:37

This nightmare started about 1.5 months ago. I do not know of any triggers that might have caused it, and I was not experiencing stress when the nightmare began. This nightmare is exactly the same, all the way to the tiniest detail. First, it happened once a week, but the dream is happening more and more. I can remember it perfectly.

The dream starts off in a white hallway. There are walls, and the floor is tile. It is lit by fluorescent lights. The hallway has many windowless white doors on both sides, with round, silver handles. In the dream, I am always fully conscious, just like in real life. I can always think for myself and choose what I want to do. I walk around in the hallway for as long as I want to, (the hallway never ends). Finally, when I enter in one of the doors, the room is always the same. (I can wander the hallway for as long as I please, but I will not wake up unless I finish the dream.) A large ballroom illuminated by a very bright white spotlight. The rest of the room is in darkness, and I can occasionally see shapes and shadows moving in the corner of my eye. They make me afraid, so so afraid but I do not know why. I am shaking in my dream,( and upon waking up I have found what I assume are tear stains on my pillow. )As I enter and close the door (there is nothing I can use to prop it open) the door disappears. Standing with its (I believe the gender is female) back facing towards me is an angel. Now, the angels wings are perfectly black (think vanta black), to the point where light seems to suck into them, and it is wearing a black Victorian Era ballgown. Its skin is very white, and it’s limbs just a little longer than humanly possible. All in all, it seems unnerving. When I see it, I feel dread. Then, it turns around. The thing is, I can never recal its face. I can remember everything else, but never it’s face. The first time I had this nightmare, I screamed (my mother said I was making strange sounds in the middle of the night)so I can assume it’s face is horrifying, no matter how beautiful (and inhuman) the body is. Then, the angel falls into a bow, wings slightly folded, and kisses my hand. The feelings of horror and dread increase. (If you are wondering why I do not run, the spotlight, while pretty large, is in the middle of the room. Once the door closes, I have nowhere to go but to the things waiting in the dark. Once it touches my skin, I can no longer run). Then, the angel rises, and we start to dance. The dance in question is an old fashioned waltz, but there is no music playing. The angel has spoken a few times, and if I had to compare its voice to something I would choose a large, musical chime, not quite low pitched, not quite high pitched, but always ringing. It reminds me of a voice speaking suddenly in the dark when your ears are not accustomed to sound. It doesn’t speak often. When we start dancing, the angel smiles, and I don’t know how to write down my feelings. I feel more afraid than I ever had in my life, and the angel just smiles at me like I am a cow on its way to the slaughterhouse. Like I am prey. It’s teeth are sharp and white, almost like a predators. Everything about the smile screams “danger” yet I can never pull away. I am willing to bet anything nobody here has ever felt as afraid, not in real life, not in the dreamscape. And that isn’t even the worst part.

Once it smiles, and we make eye contact, I am shown “something”. Most of the time it (of course, I estimate everything, so this is more like how long it feels) lasts from anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Do you know what it shows me? Dead bodies. My mother, father, friends, family, teachers, pets. Anybody that has ever been close to me. Dead. Only one person per dream, of course. And here’s the kicker-the longer I stay away, stave off sleep, resist the hallway and the room and the angel and the spotlight that always leads to this, the worst the outcome is. The worst one happened yesterday night. I was staying up as late as I could to avoid REM, and the nightmare that came along. I had been doing that for a week, and I haven’t seen the angel. But finally sleep caught up to me. I ran through the hallway, trying to reach the end. I saw double doors, and I thought for a minute, that I escaped. But no. The room was still there, and with it, the angel. The angel smiled and said
“Don’t even try fighting”
And then it showed my mother, the morning after. I was getting up when I realized my mother was not awake. I went to her room to see what was wrong. To my relief, her head was on the pillow. Unfortunately, the rest of her was not.
I don’t want to remember, but I do. I remember every last second. Everything in the vision (dream inside a dream) was in perfect detail. I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t run, I could only stay, fully conscious, in my mother’s room, morning light painting the walls red.

The dream always ends the same way. After I surface from the vision, the angel smiles, and pulls away from the dance. Then, she leans in, and traces my jaw with one finger. After that’s done, she quickly runs her finger along my throat. I don’t feel anything. Then I look down, and see blood running down my body. I don’t even have time to yell before she pushes me into the creature-filled darkness.

I die before they ever reach me.
You see why I need help? The dreams are getting more and more frequent and violent. I don’t know what is happening. I don’t know what it means. I haven’t told anybody about this. I’m so afraid to sleep. I don’t want to see the angel. I don’t want to see yet another person dead. The worst part is that I remember everything, and I never know if one morning I’ll wake up to see my nightmare turn into reality. I try to stay up late, but it will always reach me, worse than ever before. I’ve never been so scared of sleep. What did I do to deserve this?
Help me, please.

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Re: Horrifying Reccuring Nightmare-Please Help

Postby erichsa » 30 Dec 2017 14:52

I wish I could help. You say you are Aware in the dream that you are dreaming. If I was you I would have a normal day. When think of the dream tell yourself it is a shit dream and I will put a stop to it. Don't be afraid to go to sleep ,repeat Affirmations before falling asleep: I will do what I want, or something in that line. When the dream starts take over and say firmly what you want to do. But be very firm in your request. In your physical life do enjoy your life and over time your dreams will reflect your view. My Dreams did And by now I have a good physical and dream life. I found The Secret of the Soul by William Buhlman, and Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LA Berge helped me in my understanding of my, and of our dream life. How about having a positive avatar. Ifalltoashes sounds very negative to me.
Keep Going with endurance and joy and fun. :)

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Re: Horrifying Reccuring Nightmare-Please Help

Postby ifalltoashes » 30 Dec 2017 18:50

Thank you for your advice. From what I see, the dream happens every other day or three days. I will try doing what you say. I hope it will help.

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