weird sleep pattern

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weird sleep pattern

Postby non » 05 Apr 2018 22:06

So i ve been using Sleep as Android app for like 2 weeks and I ve found out a really weird sleep pattern(look at the attachments) The lighter the green the more awake you are so the dark green means a deep sleep or REM which seems odd since it appears that i ve had a 2 hours of deep sleep/rem phase while sleeping for only 5 hours when my usual sleep pattern is like 15 min deep/REM per cycle i was looking for solution on the internet but cant find any. Also whats worth noting is that my dream was very realistic i just was so moved by this dream after I woke up although I can't remember it.
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Re: weird sleep pattern

Postby LDer Charles » 29 Apr 2018 10:05

I don't know if I believe in the accuracy of apps that measure sleep. I'd say for sleep don't try to judge the way you sleep as right or wrong. Just take it as it is. You can't force yourself to sleep any different. Lots of people go on a wild goose chase seeking medications or "help" that only make things worse and the seeking itself gives them more problems. The 8 hour idea of a sleep standard is totally ridiculous. No one sleeps perfectly. Once in a while I get a good night sleep. Other than that my sleep sucks and I am such a mindful persona bout my sleep habits. Sleep problems come from PTSD at BIRTH. If you were born into a hospital, you had a traumatic birth. C-section, cord clamping, circumcision, and many other parts of the birth procedure, from the drugs in the mother to forceps or "baby heart monitor" (stabbed into baby's skull) these are all the parts of a severely traumatic birth. You were born into an artifical matrix of people in masks who wanted to treat you like a piece of meat, not into the loving arms of a caring parent. (Unless you had a natural lotus birth then you are golden)

So the PTSD runs deep, deep, deep as hell. This "world" we live in is a matrix of hell. When they say there's a heaven and hell after this, it's a lie. This planet literally IS hell. Watching it be destroyed before your eyes. Watching everyone suffer from addictions, trauma, mental health problems, drama, war. This planet IS HELL.

So you're not going to sleep as well as you think you shuld, and thats hell too. Don't expect it to get any better. There is no solution.
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