I think I experience sleep paralysis/hallucinations whenever I sleep on a bus

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I think I experience sleep paralysis/hallucinations whenever I sleep on a bus

Postby Dizzardy » 08 Jul 2018 06:41

I've had this experience numerous times while sleeping on a bus, to the point where it seems like a strange coincidence that I just happen to be dreaming about the same thing.

I fall asleep very quickly on buses (way easier than in my own bed) so if it's a long journey I usually spend most of it asleep. What frequently happens is that I find myself with my eyes closed and "aware" of being on the bus (hearing it moving) and it feels very hard to open my eyes or even move my body. I'll get the sensation that my hand is slowly moving (because I'm freaking out trying to move) but then suddenly wake up and my hand won't have moved at all. I remember one time I was desperately trying to wave to get somebodies attention doing that. I'll also often get the intense feeling that my head is going to bend off my shoulders but not being able to do anything about it.

I say "aware" in brackets because it's a bit hard to tell if I'm aware or if I'm just dreaming about being on the bus....but it does seem like I have awareness because I'm normally concerned in a way I probably wouldn't be in a dream.

I've occasionally managed to open my eyes but I usually just end up looking at my knees or seeing landscapes out the window that don't actually exist. (though that only happened once and I'm not sure if I was really looking out the window or just dreaming about it) Also I've had times when I couldn't move my body but was aware of my surroundings where I would hear a lot of people talking but when I suddenly woke up nobody was saying anything.

I've also frequently experienced the above in combination with the feeling of grinding my teeth.....or pushing them together so tightly I get afraid they might break....but whenever I wake up my teeth feel fine.

The thing is, it's been consistent enough that it's hard to believe that it's just some kind of coincidence that I keep dreaming about similar things.

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