Conversations with loved ones during sleep paralysis

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Conversations with loved ones during sleep paralysis

Postby pearce2625 » 12 Sep 2018 00:04

I suffer with sleep paralysis regularly, however when speaking to my friends about it I don't see any dark shadows or anything in my room. When entering sleep paralysis I often feel as if I am having a lengthy conversation with someone usually my boyfriend until I realise that I am not awake which sends my body into panic mode and I freeze and the paralysis kicks in. When I become fully conscious and awake I realise that my boyfriend is completely sound asleep and that the conversation in fact didn't take place it was just my mind tricking me. I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and any tips on how to overcome this. Thank you x

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Re: Conversations with loved ones during sleep paralysis

Postby FlamingJune » 29 Jan 2019 00:42

Yes I have had this happen! I've even asked my friend the next day if they remembered it at all because I was so convinced we were actually both talking in our minds as we fell asleep! I guess it could just be my mind making it all up but it just seemed too much like the real person was having their own unique thoughts, so weird. Oh and my friend didnt remember but she is open to the idea so we've been trying to meet up in dreamland ever since but with no success so far

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