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vibrations before sleep

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 15:51
by mimi1999amel
I'm 13 y.o, i have this strange feeling every night for about a year.
when i'm in bed, preparing to sleep, maybe having some daydreams...Suddenly :shock: , everything begin to move :( , everything vibrate :o . It lasts about 10 min , 2 minutes at least.
Is it normal ? :oops: :?: :!:
PS :I'm a newbie. i've never had a lucid dream. i found this website because i read about lucid dreaming and i loved it . :mrgreen:
AND, sorry for putting too much smilies .

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 05:32
by oliverclay
These things are very different, first time i ever heard these types of reactions to your body.

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 10:40
by taniaaust1
Its not an uncommon feeling between the sleep and wake state... Ive felt like the Im in a earthquake with the house shaking and thought it was.. when my body is about to astral project.

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 18 Mar 2013 11:52
by franklinw94
That's not a problem...........don't worry. nothing happen behind your mind......

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 24 Sep 2013 00:50
by jasmine2
I recommend this very interesting article - Google -

"Interview On Pathway To Ecstacy" - Patricia Garfield

This is at Patricia Garfield's website -
In part of this interview, Patricia talks about subtle body sensations, like buzzing, which can be experienced by people who practice meditation or lucid dreaming.

I have read two of Patricia Garfield's books - "Creative Dreaming" and "Pathway To Ecstacy" - both very informative and inspiring. There are more interesting articles at this website - click the "Library" tab.

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 27 Sep 2013 01:35
by ESPer
Does the feeling of levitating/floating often accompany it? Or like they happen intermittently. Sometimes you think you feel your mattress shaking beneath you too? I've even had it feel like something was trying to tug me out of my body the rest of the way.

One time I floated all the way up to my ceiling fan, and my toe touched one of the blades. At this point I awoke, and I swear it felt like I'd fallen and even bounced a bit when I hit my mattress. And I could even feel discomfort on my foot where the blade would have hit, and saw that the fan had indeed slowed down and had to get up to speed again.

When you experience things like that it makes you wonder just how much of it was indeed all in your head.

False awakenings also very often accompany it. Like you think you've woken up from it, and can see your environment, very accurately, in front of you... only to wake up again (you think) and experience the vibrations again. This has happened to me like a dozen times in a row a few times.

I used to keep a quartz crystal around my bedpost at night. But the latest time I experienced night terrors I saw the thing glowing red as a voice out of somewhere tormented me. And it gave me the impression that this thing was using it against me. Needless to say it's not there anymore. Now I'll only use the thing when I'm conscious and in control of it. It stays in a box in another room when I go to bed.

Re: vibrations before sleep

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 06:46
by Peter
its all normal in the process of relaxing and losing external sensory imput so don't worry. The feelings and visions, noises etc can take many forms, just learn to accept them as the door to lucid dreaming and observe and greet then as they appear. They wont last long, wont hurt you and fear is the greatest barrier to lucid dreaming