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Wild dream

Postby The realist » 12 Mar 2019 03:31

I had a wild dream the other night I'm just trying to understand it a little bit more. It was a play and there was two scripts to it. The first script was the successful outcome and the other script was the unsuccessful outcome. There was some demon looking man laying in the bed in the center of the theater and a 20 year old pretty blonde girl sitting on the bed with him. The people watching the play were the demon man. like he was duplicated there was about 50 seats in the theater all being filled with this one character. The women had two options either to defeat him or to succumb to the unsuccessful complex. She decided to give this man a hug and he and all the other people vanished as soon as she gave this demon a hug. What I gathered from this dream was to kill them with kindness which she was successful. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this could mean. I have lucid dreams every night. I'm constantly dreaming about girls in a sexual manner and non sexual. Sorry for the long question. I can expand on it if need be

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