hi, just a question maybe need answering

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hi, just a question maybe need answering

Postby thehelp » 24 Mar 2019 23:26

i just got diagnosed with osteoarthritis and had a dream i got shot in the back where the doc said it was, it was lucid and i was kinda scared but kinda knew it was a dream, i struggled breathing in or out so thought and got confused was my last day

what does this mean please

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Re: hi, just a question maybe need answering

Postby DrG » 13 May 2019 14:25

Sorry to hear the OA diagnosis.

I have read many stories of 'spiritual healing' that sound similar to this. People describe a highly lucid dream experience or altered state of consciousness, a dream doctor will give them (or a loved one or pet) a shot of some sort, where the doc says the disease is. Dreamer usually describes it as extremely painful and scary but they manage to maintain trust in the dream doctor. Upon waking people have reported disease improvement and even being cured of diseases.

So if you're spiritual, you could have had a miracle healing from the dream people! But of course there is insufficient evidence to accept or reject spiritual healing as being possible. The medical community insists these healings are impossible, despite having no evidence to support that claim. I can attest that I've had major healing from dreams, but only with anxiety disorders. I definitely wouldn't compare healing that is largely psychological (anxiety) to something largely physical (OA), but it seems plausible.

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