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Re: Wolf dream

Postby Mithril » 08 Feb 2012 01:48

R99 wrote:Dont worry too much about it, as long as i know dream characters represents thoughts of our mind, person we knew, things that worry u most, or just symbolism, or it could be u, the list is long. Its not like a real wolf chasing u (if it is that will be cool:D) never worry about ur dream too much, if we take it too seriously then we never have time for other things. TC now, great dreams. I am out. And also i am a rookie too, lets see others thoughts.

No, who said I was worried? The dream itself was what was scary. I'm just trying to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

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Re: Wolf dream

Postby Ebony Wolf » 12 Apr 2012 23:26

I study wolves avidly, and what this is Is unnatural for a wolf to run rampant.
A werewolf is something else, though.
I once had a dream like this. It was a regular dream though. Not lucid.

I was standing in the middle of nowhere, and a wolf was staring at me. Wolves aren't violent, more curious than violent. I knew the wolf wouldn't attack me, but it ended up lunging for me. I got on the ground, doing the natural wolf submission pose, and the wolf started talking. "You have nothing to fear."
I woke up after that, but I would like to ask this wolf a few questions if I ever become lucid.
As for your wolf, I would have nothing to fear. Fake or real, a Wolf's natural instinct is to attack an animal of prey when it runs away from them. I you ever see the wolf chasing you again, DON'T RUN! Calmly walk away if you want, or greet the wolf. That's what I was taught.
Talking to the creature or communicating with it somehow is your only way, but you can become lucid and ask a DC.
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