2 Dreams

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2 Dreams

Postby Aonir » 17 Mar 2012 09:32

the first dream which i had directly after learning about lucid dreaming and tested it was about me doing a siege with some of my old teachers. the ones we attacked were the members of the school counsil. somehow i could break walls with my sword, and after this i dont remember.

the second one was tonight which is the day after in which i dreamt i was i my new school (im going there next year to do a wild life college) where my teacher which was a little girl ordered me to gather wheat and raisins and process those (btw raisins grew on bushes they werent grapes first).

they are still a bit vague, but i just began writing them down.

i hope someone can decipher them with the info i have given

the only things i can think that are the same is that it involves school and that they arent lucid
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